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Going Green

Today, we hear all over the media about “going green.”   Recycle, reuse, replenish.  Take care of what we’ve got.  I’m all for being a good steward of what God has given us but just bear with me here for a minute.

One commercial caught my attention the other day and was talking about protecting electricity, our “precious resource.”  Being a believer in the God of creation, I firmly believe that what He created will remain until He decides it is time for it to stop.  Nothing that man does can “extend” our water supply or electricity, for that matter.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that we cannot pretend to even try to keep this world going.  It’s not in my job description to keep the universe going.  God is in control and I can’t worry about what I can’t control. I guess what tweaked my brain on this one was that somehow humanity actually thinks they are in control.

Again, I don’t have any issues with going green.  We are to be good stewards of what God has graciously given us.

You know what amazes me?  That the world hasn’t gone dry, spring happens every year, Oh and get this one…the sun “rises” every morning…without our help.  God’s got this.  🙂

Believing God to continue doing the impossible keeps me at peace.



The Hunger Games: Why Werewolves Won’t Like It But Ron Paul Will

The Hunger Games: Why Werewolves Won’t Like It But Ron Paul Will.


I started blogging somewhere around 2007-2008.  I was in real estate and just got into the trend to help get my name out there.  Funny thing was that most of my blogs weren’t about real estate.  They were about spiritual matters.

My pastor read some of my posts at the time told me that I needed to be teaching.  Uh no, not one of my spiritual gifts…but thanks…I think…

I started this blog after putting my journey on paper about the things that God has done in my life in the past few years.  My Mom read it and said that I needed to publish it.  I always feel like she says stuff like that because she’s my Mom.  Ya know?

But I just had it in a Word document and I thought that if I could help someone else who may have gone through some of the same things, why not put them online.  That is one of the reasons why God allows us to go through things so that we can be of comfort to others.

I’m just me and I hope that some of my experiences can help you through yours or keep you from making the same mistakes.

I have a deep hunger for the Word of God and I can’t get enough of Him.  I spend most of my time with the Lord first thing in the morning before I begin my day.

My dog loves this time of day because she lays on the bed and snores while I read and study.  I have a basset hound and any chance she can get to lay down and snore, it’s her favorite time. 🙂

I started off with Our Daily Bread just to get in the habit of reading or spending time with the Lord first thing years ago.  It wasn’ long before that was not enough.  I was taking part in Bible studies at church but it frustrated me when we would take a week off or it would be weeks before another would begin again so I started doing them at home. I thank God for Beth Moore and her willingness to share her experiences and making her studies available online. I have learned a tremendous amount through her studies.  I love Kay Arthur but you have to actually take a class in a group setting conducted by a Precepts authorized teacher.  There are many studies out there.  Priscilla Shirer is a good one, too.  I really enjoyed her series on Jonah.  Lifeway has been my lifeline to Bible studies and helping me to dig deeper.

Start something. Take that first step. You make the effort, God will meet you there. The first thing in the morning for me is best because I am less distracted and it helps to set my tone for the day.  It also keeps me in constant dialogue with Him throughout the day.

I may or may not blog every day but I try to put down things that inspire me or move me and I hope you enjoy them.

Thanks for reading.


Beauty from Ashes

Don’t you wish that we could go through life and have it all together?  No mistakes, everything perfect?  Oh, yes…then we could walk around proud of ourselves and our accomplishments. We could hold our head high and in judgment of others who couldn’t do the same.

There’s a problem with that scenario.  It fills us with pride. God hates pride (Prov 8:13) We can do nothing without Christ. (John 15:5)  Nothing.

But what about our mistakes? Our blatant fall into sin?  Do you realize that Satan, our mortal enemy, has come to “kill, steal and destroy” (John 10:10) our lives?  So he’s tempted you into sinning over and over and over. You find yourself in the same pit.

Is God shocked? No. The wonderful thing about God is that He can take the most messed up life, redeem it and transform it into something beautiful.

He has redeemed my life. Oh, I have some epic failures that I am not proud of at all. I could walk around in shame.  That is exactly what Satan wants us to do.  He wants to cripple us.  If you are wounded and disabled, you are no threat to him. But, if you allow God to take that failure and make you a walking testimony of forgiveness and love beyond measure, you are then a threat to Satan. He will try to discredit you. He will try to knock you down. He won’t quit.


My strength comes from the Lord. (Ps. 121:2). 

…My strength is made perfect in weakness…. (II Cor 12:9)

…for when I am weak, then I am strong… (II Cor 2:10)

Because I am weak, I am made strong in Christ. I don’t avoid things in my life because I am strong, it is because I know my weaknesses.

From man’s perspective, “on paper”…my life is an epic “fail.”  But, the wonderful part of being a child of God is that I don’t have to life my life from man’s flawed perspective.

Jesus Christ has restored my dignity. He has given me beauty from ashes.  (Is. 61:3)

He can do the same for you.




Yesterday morning I felt compelled to fall on my face before the Lord God. Not on my knees, but my face.  His majesty, love and sovereignty were overwhelming.

“The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy.”  Ps. 126:3

I was listening to the song “Aware” by Salvador and the words just jumped out at me.“Make me aware; make me see that everything I am is not all about me. Take my world; turn it around so the obvious can finally be found.”

In the last two years, my “world” has been turned upside down. Humanly speaking, I have lost my home, my job (actually happened in 2008 to which I turned to real estate and we all know how that went…), my Daddy, my health. But during the entire process, I saw what faith can do.  Believing that God has our best interest at heart and trust in Him, we will then see through a different lens.

I had an expectant heart that God had a plan for my life.  He did not disappoint.  I am living in the house of my dreams. I don’t own it, but you know what?  Abraham didn’t own a house. Jesus didn’t own a house either.  This world is not my home! I am just passing through. My true home lies in Heaven with my Savior.

I lost my mobility in August of 2011 due to an acutely inflamed sciatic nerve, but gained an awareness of a need that had long been neglected—my health.  The Lord has turned my health around. It is absolutely NOTHING I have done, except eating whole, natural food. It is for His honor and glory. I have not even been physically able to exercise so that He alone can take the credit. It is sometimes still painful to walk but I am praying that the Lord will restore my mobility when my health is where it should be.

I now am working my dream job. IF I hadn’t lost my job, my house…I wouldn’t have taken a lower paying, part time job that led to this one. I say it that way because when I first lost my job, I was making fantastic money. It wasn’t until we were at the point of “desperation” that God opened a door for me that I would have never taken IF He had not engineered the circumstances.  God had a plan and it was more than I could have dreamed.

He has made me more aware of Him than I ever knew before and I cannot get enough. I want to know Him more.

He is the “obvious” that can be found when we open our eyes.

Free at last!!

Wednesday, the 14th of March, was my last dose of Cymbalta.  I am free at last !!  20 days ago, I began to taper off by removing 10 beads a day out of the 60 mg capsule to eliminate as much of the withdrawal symptoms as possible.  I have read some horror stories, let me tell you.   If you don’t believe me, go to and check it out.

I can truly say that I did it with lots of prayer, whole, natural food and supplements.  The one that seemed to help the most with keeping side effects at bay were the Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) and lots of fish/krill oil.  Oh, believe me, when I tell you I have a ton of supplements that I have been using to get healthy.  Although when I first started my journey back in late September, it has continually changed.  At first, it was just plain Nature Made vitamins until I started doing research.

I have shrunk from a size 26 to almost a 16 since October, 2011.

Only God could have done what He has done with me.  I have learned so much via research and study.  God said in Matthew 7:7 to “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.”

My life has been a roller-coaster of diet programs.  I lost 75 lbs on the Sugarbusters diet but it was not a lifestyle change. It was not for my health.  I gained back twice that.   I tried Weight Watchers back in the day when you ate green beans and tuna. To this day, I am not a fan of green beans and tuna.

I had to find something that worked for my body and something I could live with the rest of my life.  It had to be a lifestyle change.    Hallmark Man has even joined in since he’s seen such a difference in me and let me tell you, I am seeing a difference in him as well.

Whole, natural, unprocessed food is the way to go.  Supplement with a good, whole food, organic vitamin; krill oil; garlic; gingko, magnesium, 7-Keto, Alpha-lipoic-acid, L-Carnitine, L-Lysine, Spirulina, Chlorella (gets rid of toxins!),  vitamin D3, Ubiquinol (CoQ10), and a good psyllium husk fiber (organic is best).

Of course, everybody’s body is different but that is what works for me and I am seeing changes all the time.  Thank you, Lord!!!


I tend to watch TV with a different viewpoint than most.  Take, for instance, the hit show “Once Upon A Time.”   It is based on the fairy tale characters we grew up with as kids with a twist. The evil queen has taken away their perfect, happy ending lives and banished them to a town called “Storybrook.”  In this town, they have no clue of their past lives. The queen is the mayor and is still very well aware of who everybody used to be and spends her days wreaking havoc in everybody’s personal lives.

I started looking at it this way.  We live in “Storybrook” with the prince of the power of the air (a.k.a Satan) who has been given a limited free reign on this planet until Jesus returns to set things straight.  Of course, anything Satan does, he has to get permission from God.  It always serves a greater purpose, if God allows it to happen.

When Jesus does return, we will go to our “happily ever after” lives.  Satan and his followers will be condemned, forever, to the lake of fire, separated from God.

I can’t seem to help myself when I watch TV.  I am always comparing it to Scripture.  We have all of these “superheroes” who battle evil and win.  Where do you think they got that idea from?

Everybody wants good to win.  Movies where the bad guy wins don’t usually get good reviews. And the reviews I am speaking of don’t come from the paid movie critics. I’m talking about normal folks, like you and me.

We all want a hero.  We all want a knight-in-shining-armor to come in and save the day.  At least women do.  I’m not sure about how guys feel on this one.  🙂

I tend to do the same if I hear a secular song.  A romance song makes me think of the only One who can romance us and completely fill our soul with His boundless love and not leave us wishing for more.

Hallmark Man and I  watched the movie “Immortals” this weekend.  I was looking for spectacular action and cool effects.  The movie itself was rather boring and gory.  It seemed like they made it gory without purpose. Too much blood for my taste.   I watched the movie “300” and enjoyed it immensely. I don’t have an issue with blood itself, this one just seemed to go overboard for shock factor.

Anyway, if you haven’t seen the movie…skip this part.

Near the end when the gods (Zeus, Athena, et al) were fighting the creepy dude and his back-from-the-dead army (I didn’t pay attention as to who was really called what…sorry about that), it just blew my mind that these gods could be killed.  I mean really?? I guess whoever wrote the movie didn’t take into account what the name “Immortal” actually meant.   Helloooo…if you can kill it, it ain’t immortal! (imagine that with a southern drawl, if you will)

Who wants to serve and worship that kind of god?  I am so glad my God is alive! He is eternal, immortal,everlasting, invisible.  And as the Newsboys so eloquently put it in their latest song, “My God’s not dead, He’s surely alive!”

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