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I’ve been on a social media sabbatical, so to speak for a little while now.  I didn’t want to blog.  I quit playing games on Facebook.  I almost quit Facebook altogether but I didn’t.  I just felt “tied down” to these items and I needed a breather.

You know what I discovered?  I really don’t miss Facebook games at night (or trying to harvest crops on my lunch break).

I am still going to keep my account and friendships (although I’ve downgraded to real friends, not just gaming acquaintances that I’ve accumulated).  I still post my daily Scripture verse and anything in the world of health/organics that could help somebody.  Other than that, I’m not on it much.

I’ve been free from anti-depressants for over 30 days now.  I don’t miss them either. :-)l   All I can say is Praise the Lord!  He is the only One Who could have ever gotten me this far.  He’s helped me go from 286 lbs to 195, so far.  I’m still journeying on that one.  It will be a while before I reach my ideal body weight but it really didn’t start out as a diet to lose weight.  It was a lifestyle change to get healthy.  I’m just going to say “Only God.”  Only God could have done what He’s done with me. 

My husband and I are closer than ever before.  We are both studying God’s Word, getting closer to Him.  It makes a HUGE difference in your marriage, let me tell you.

If you don’t think that God can make a difference in your life, I’m living proof He can.  I look back at my life a year ago and I am amazed.  He’ll only do it if you let Him.  He will never force Himself on you. 

And, a word to the wise, it does not happen overnight.  I remember as vivid as it was yesterday, in 2004, I prayed that He would take me, break me, mold me, make me into what He wanted me to be.  I was at rock bottom and I had made a mess of my life and needed Him to take over. 

Each year has its challenges and there have been gradual changes inside but I’d have to say that this past year was the most vivid because of staying in Scripture, doing daily studying and constant communication with Him.  It is VITAL to the relationship and your maturity in Christ.

Invite Him.  Take that first step of faith and you’ll be surprised what He can do.





I started blogging somewhere around 2007-2008.  I was in real estate and just got into the trend to help get my name out there.  Funny thing was that most of my blogs weren’t about real estate.  They were about spiritual matters.

My pastor read some of my posts at the time told me that I needed to be teaching.  Uh no, not one of my spiritual gifts…but thanks…I think…

I started this blog after putting my journey on paper about the things that God has done in my life in the past few years.  My Mom read it and said that I needed to publish it.  I always feel like she says stuff like that because she’s my Mom.  Ya know?

But I just had it in a Word document and I thought that if I could help someone else who may have gone through some of the same things, why not put them online.  That is one of the reasons why God allows us to go through things so that we can be of comfort to others.

I’m just me and I hope that some of my experiences can help you through yours or keep you from making the same mistakes.

I have a deep hunger for the Word of God and I can’t get enough of Him.  I spend most of my time with the Lord first thing in the morning before I begin my day.

My dog loves this time of day because she lays on the bed and snores while I read and study.  I have a basset hound and any chance she can get to lay down and snore, it’s her favorite time. 🙂

I started off with Our Daily Bread just to get in the habit of reading or spending time with the Lord first thing years ago.  It wasn’ long before that was not enough.  I was taking part in Bible studies at church but it frustrated me when we would take a week off or it would be weeks before another would begin again so I started doing them at home. I thank God for Beth Moore and her willingness to share her experiences and making her studies available online. I have learned a tremendous amount through her studies.  I love Kay Arthur but you have to actually take a class in a group setting conducted by a Precepts authorized teacher.  There are many studies out there.  Priscilla Shirer is a good one, too.  I really enjoyed her series on Jonah.  Lifeway has been my lifeline to Bible studies and helping me to dig deeper.

Start something. Take that first step. You make the effort, God will meet you there. The first thing in the morning for me is best because I am less distracted and it helps to set my tone for the day.  It also keeps me in constant dialogue with Him throughout the day.

I may or may not blog every day but I try to put down things that inspire me or move me and I hope you enjoy them.

Thanks for reading.


Being Yourself

I love my dog.  She is just a constant companion and I love just looking at all of her spots and colors and it causes me to sit in wonder at God.  It’s just so beautiful.

We were sitting in our spare bedroom this past weekend doing “Bible study.”  Basically, I do my Bible study and she sleeps/snores.  But she knows when I say, “You ready to do Bible study?”  to head toward the bed. She loves it.

I sat for a few moments staring at her while she stared at me and I started thinking about dogs in general.  They are who they are.  They don’t compare themselves to other dogs or wish they were taller, skinnier or that their fur was brown instead of yellow because Fluffy looks good in that color. They accept you for who you are, too.  It doesn’t matter if you haven’t brushed your teeth (they actually prefer the bad breath, I think) or if you didn’t apply make-up that day.  They love you for you.  You really don’t have to do anything to earn their love.  They are loyal creatures.

Why can’t we be more like them? For instance, love ourselves for who God created us to be without envying others and wishing we were taller, skinnier, blonde or whatever.  Each of us were created to be a unique part of the body of Christ.  If everybody was the head, then who would be the hands or feet?  It wouldn’t be a complete body then, would it?

God does not look at us like we look at each other.  He looks at our heart.  He searches our motives. If we have accepted Christ as our Savior, He sees His Son’s blood covering our sin.

Can you imagine how freeing it would be if we quit worrying about how we looked and accepted ourselves as we are and loved with compassion as Jesus did?  No judging, no gossiping, no jealousy, no bitterness…sounds blissful, doesn’t it?

What do you think people in third world countries do?  They sure aren’t caught up in what the latest fashion is or what their neighbor just bought.  They are grateful to have food to eat and clothes on their back.

“It is for freedom that Christ set us free.”  Gal 5:1    And as Francesca Battistelli put it, “I’m free to be me!”  Live free in Christ.  It is the only way to live.


Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride

January 5, 2012 – – I can’t seem to get out of this mental funk.  I think maybe it is seasonal.  We live in this “Mr Toad’s Wild Ride” from October through December with all of the holidays and mass marketing and stress and then BOOM!  It’s over and back to “Life As We Know It.”   I prayed about that on the way home today.  I need to get out of this slump.  When I get this way, I tend to make poor choices and temptation is pushing for me to upgrade my phone.  I don’t need the iPhone 4s.  I have the iPhone 4.  I keep trying to convince myself that this would help out Daughter-in-Law because she just got a phone and broke hers and then I could give her mine.  I just don’t want an extra $200 to pay next month on my bill.  I am still debating this one.

On a side note, my dog has bad breath. It’s a basset hound thing.  When she yawns and you happen to walk into that area, it’ll just about knock you down.

I went to see the chiropractor yesterday.  The girl that did my ultrasound hit a spot on my lower left that was super tender.  My right leg keeps trying to go back to its old painful ways.  Doc told me to keep exercising/stretching it.

I did try that this morning.  Wasn’t comfy, but did it anyway. I need to get up at 6am instead of 6:30 to get to work on time. We’ll see how that works.

Tomorrow I need to have my battery checked out. My van is acting again like it doesn’t want to start. Yay…always something.

January 24, 2012 — I am home from work today. My stomach has been acting up for days but today it was the worst.  I couldn’t leave the house so here I am.  It’s better now.  I was able to eat lunch and all’s well.  I have enjoyed the quiet house today. Hallmark Man is on his way home from work and it won’t be long before the TV gets turned on and the noise begins.  At least I have a room in the house I can go where it is quiet.  We set up this room this past weekend for my step-daughter and grandkids to sleep in and I love it.  I’ve taken it over as my Bible study room.

Another random side note, I was finally able to buy size 20 pants this past week.  I got two of them.  Apparently Good’s was having a sale Sunday, buy one get one for $1.  I found out about it 30 minutes before they closed.  It would have taken me that long to get there.  I really needed some new shirts but didn’t want to pay a fortune since I am still losing weight.

And Friday night my van almost left me at the gas station so Hallmark Man chivalrously got a battery for me and put it in the van. The next item will be brake pads. They are squealing.

Last but not least, I am so thankful for the country in which I live.  We are able to get so much via media for Bible study.  I love my iPhone.  I have so many versions of the Bible on it along with Bible study material and Bible study tools.  It is so awesome!  I find that it sets my frame of mind in the morning if I study first.  If I put God in authority over my life and my day and let Him control my reactions, my day is not so stressful.  Even with all of the issues that cause wild rides, He brings me safely through.

Morning Rituals

Dogs are unbelievable in how they like rituals.  My dog knows when I am supposed to get up and if I am not up, she will tap at my door and whine until I do.  Who needs an alarm clock when you’ve got that? 

She knows when I get up, she gets a slice of cheese.  She won’t go outside until she has had her cheese.

She goes outside, does her thing and then comes in to “patiently” wait for me to cook breakfast. She knows I share my food with her and she is always ready.

I was doing my morning Bible study in the bedroom and then I decided to do it at the table while I ate.  I did that for a while and then missed being all comfy cozy in a quiet space all alone with God so one morning, as my dog was headed toward the bedroom, she turned and looked back at me.  So I said, “do you want me to come have Bible study in there with you?”  She tapped her paw on the door frame as if to say “yes.” 

So we’ve been making it a habit of doing that now.  After breakfast, I’ll say, “You ready to do Bible Study?”  and she’ll head off to the bedroom to join me on the bed. 


Once I get situated, she’ll get comfy and go on off to sleep and snore softly while I finish. I enjoy rituals with my dog.  🙂


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