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I am on day 14 of my organic, no processed meat and I woke up this morning with my monthly migraine. I get one once a month, it’s hormonal.

But a strange thing happened.

My migraine didn’t really cause me any pain.  There was the head pressure and the eye pressure and vision changes that usually occur with it.  I get it on the left side of my head every time.

But it was so awesome! No Pain!!!  By lunch time, the rest of the “symptoms” had cleared up.

Eating organic meat works.  Yes!!!!  Now, to finish getting the weight off.

We were watching “Biggest Loser” on DVR last night and one of the girls got on the scale and her previous weight was 200 and she finally dipped below 200.  I can’t wait until I get on the scales and am below 200.  I don’t own any at home because otherwise I’d be a slave to it and on it every day.

I am going by how I feel.  I’ve noticed the inflammation in my hips is starting to go away as well.  I am looking forward to going to my chiropractor next week to see how much weight I’ve lost.  I’ve been using his scales.  🙂

WooHoo!  I am now pumped! 

Speaking of pumped, I drank a lot of water. Gotta go.  🙂


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