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What would you do if you were desperate?  Have you ever been desperate?

I know I have been desperate for money and I have made foolish decisions based on that desperation.  Being in a financial pinch can cause you to do radical things. Why do you think pawn shops and Title pawns have been so successful?  People need money and they don’t care about the consequences of super inflated fees and interest where they end up paying back 3 times what they borrowed.

I read the news this weekend about a man who robbed a bank and got caught.  Sad part of it was that he was a former client of mine.  The clerk he robbed knew him and asked him, “Are you sure you want to do this?”  His response, “I have to.”

So sad.

Sometimes, things come at you so fast that you can’t control it.  But you can control your reaction. We shouldn’t react.  We should respond.  The best way to respond is to pray for wisdom and knowledge and help from the Lord immediately. If you wait and listen, He will guide you in the right direction.


The Trials of Life

October 28, 2011 – – Slept well last night—in my little bed.  I just love snuggling up with great covers and a comfy mattress.  Got up at 5:30, hit the floor running.  Ate sausage, took my meds, got a shower, washed dark clothes and headed out the door to get Hallmark Man from the hospital so I could get a full day’s work in.  About that time, my daughter called and said she was at the ER  She said her chest is hurting real bad and is barking and coughing.  She sat at the ER  from 5:30 to 8:45 and they are still moving her down the list.  She should have gone to a different ER.  My son has a hole in his ear drum from rough-housing with a friend.  You’d think he’d learn.  I guess I did too much with my leg because the interior groin area started hurting real, real bad. Even with the cane, it didn’t help much. Took a hydrocodone and am sitting on ice pack before I have to go get Hallmark Man’s medicine.

My only concern is not being able to pay bills this payday.  We have to eat. I don’t know what to do about the cable bill.

I made 28 hours this week. Woo…

I had to leave after an hour at work today to take Lindsay to the ER for bronchitis and upper respiratory infection, get her Rx filled and take her back home.  Worked a whole 4 hours today.

Had to go to Kroger, Tractor Supply, Walgreens, Parkers and then Guyton Grill before I could settle in at home.  I am ready for the weekend to relax! This whole roller coaster of trials and turbulence is wearing me out.

October 29, 2011 – – – I slept until 10 this morning, not all the way through the night.  I did get up numerous times to pee, as usual.  It was nice to stay in bed. I really didn’t want to get up at all.  Hallmark Man was up, watching TV and it was cloudy and had rained outside.  I couldn’t think of a reason to get up.

I decided to fast until dinner.  I cleaned out the bird feeder and got them some fresh food and then went into the bedroom to do my Bible study video.  I got two phone calls from my son.  He and his wife are buying a house. They just got pre-approved for $80k and want me to go house hunting with them tomorrow.  They are looking in Guyton so my Mom is coming, too.  Being this close to my house, I’m sure she’ll want to see it so I figured I needed to clean up some.

I slowly started by trimming the Indian blankets, grabbing the mail, sweeping the porch, watering the plants, vacuuming, laundry, cleaning the bathroom, Louis’ room, cleaning the counters, bathing the dog, etc etc.  It seemed like the more I did, the more needed to be done.

I finally sat down and ate spaghetti with Hallmark Man and cleaned the kitchen again.  Finally sat down around 6:15 with an ice pack for my back.  I’ve got two more loads going in the washer/dryer.  Lord give me strength!

I am ready for bed.  As I am glancing at the TV commercials, I can’t believe Christmas commercials are already on.  Geez….

I got a text that we are supposed to have a frost in the morning so I had to run out and grab the hanging baskets and bring them in.

I am finding myself tired and not liking Facebook anymore. Tired of the games and blocking most of them.  Not really being on it for a week while Hallmark Man was in the hospital broke me from it and I just realize there is more to life than playing on the computer.

Let’s Have a Pity Party!

Have you ever had a pity party?  I have.  Tonight was one of those nights.  I had all I could take and shortly after a visit to a funeral home, I let it go.  I do not drink, but let me tell you it totally crossed my mind.  First, I got angry.  I started spewing and shouting in the van.  I was not angry at God, but I was angry at my life and I just vented.  I went home and as soon as I could get alone, I sat down and just bawled.  I guess my husband heard me because he came in and wanted to know what I was doing.  “Well, I’m sitting on the floor beside the bed crying….what does it look like I’m doing??”  I thought.  But I was also praying so I just sputtered, “Praying.”  He sat down on the bed and tried to console me.  It’s hard for me to cry and get it out when he does that.  I know he loves me but being a woman is hard and sometimes we just need to let go.  Right?

I ran scenarios through my mind knowing that some of the problems that we are going through could be consequences of our actions. So, I went to the Lord to make sure my sins were confessed and my heart and motives were pure and clean. Then I thought that maybe it was a test of faith or maybe I was not being submissive in my heart.  Of course, during this time, the enemy is loving it and is just whispering all sorts of lies and “what if’s” in my head as well. 

Realistically, if I wrote a contract, then it wouldn’t close for another 30-45 days. I needed money NOW.  Well, close enough to “now.”  I have a cell phone bill, an air conditioning repair bill plus our satellite/phone/internet bill due and a house payment by the end of the month.  We could swing the house payment, barely, but that was all.  What about gas for the van and groceries? And at this point, I had commited to tithing again—not that we had the money but I was determined to trust and obey God and leave the results to Him.  He promised that we would receive blessings overflowing that we would not have room to receive them. 

I spent an entire day practically working on my resume and cover letter for admin jobs.  If you’ve ever had to complete that chore, you know what a chore it really is.  First you have to pick a format, then how you convey yourself on your resume and cover letter make all the difference in the world.  You certainly don’t want to come off cheesy-sounding or try to be a comedian nor do you want to at any point want to sound negative.  Now how hard is it to sound positive when you really don’t want the job but you need it??  Is that an oxy-moron or what?

Finally polished to a decent shine, I sent them off to several ads placed on Craig’s List and waited for the games to begin. I don’t totally trust Craig’s List because I have gotten some wild responses from there but I figured I’d give it a chance once again.

I had floor duty at the office Saturday morning.  In the short span of 4 hours, I received a walk-in, cash buyer and a couple who wanted to purchase a $300k condo and need to list their home.  God is amazing and He comes through in perfect time, if we obey Him.  He doesn’t give us what we want, when we want it.  He gives us what we need, exactly when we need it. 

If we trust and obey as we should, then God will bless.

Be blessed in the Lord!

Lord, Increase My Faith!

I wrote this one in October, 2008:

I am assuming that most of you are having to make financial adjustments due to this waining economy and you wonder if you should be doing what you are doing or move to a “real” job.   I had begun to wonder that, especially when my husband kept telling me that I needed to find a job.  Easier said than done since I’m 43 and not qualified to be a long haul trucker or a hairdresser–both of which seem to be the only available “jobs” out there. 

So, I took my problem to God.  He’s got all of the answers, right?  He said, “Cast your care upon me for I care for you.”  So I did just that.  I also asked him to increase my faith and my husband’s faith and if this is what I was supposed to be doing, let me know for sure.  I left it at that.

Let me give you just a bit of history.  Back in June, I had 5 closings on the book.  I moved to RE/MAX in late July to get closer to home because of the gas prices and other issues I won’t get into now. 

I’ve never been much of a listing agent because I didn’t get any training on how to say, what to say, etc.  I was just unsure of myself.  I had plenty of buyers (which was good for the $$ end of it).  Less than 3 weeks into working at RE/MAX, I got my first listing.  It was overpriced (still is, but the homeowners won’t reduce it).  I got a 2nd listing (overpriced) and then a third.  The third listing was a referral from someone that I met but never actually got a chance to make a sale on because one of them lost their jobs.  I didn’t think much of it but less than a week after that listing, it got shown and we got a cash offer.  It closed in 3 weeks.  The Lord provided for my house payment last month on that sale.  He’s so good! 

Also because of that sale, I was referred to another person in Savannah who wanted to sell their house and was impressed at how quickly that one went that he wanted to use me as well.  4th listing. (yes, there is a point to this, just bear with me a moment longer)

I got two more listings from someone that works with my husband and then it just seemed as if everything stopped.  It’s only been a week since I got those but when bills are coming due and people are calling and the groceries and gas are running low, it seems like an eternity.  That’s when I began to pray (a lot!).  I know I can drive the Lord crazy sometimes because when things seem to be falling down, He’ll hear from me all day long and all night long on and off until I get a peace about it or something changes.

I’ve been making subtle changes in my walk with Him to get closer and I’ve been asking Him to change my heart and that of my family’s to draw us all closer to Him to bring honor and glory to His name. 

Sunday, my daughter’s boyfriend accepted Christ as Savior.  My husband told me after church that he would start going to church with us again.  Praise God!

Still looming was my September house payment and now it’s October and I owe two.  I’ve got bills I have to pay by Friday and my gas was almost on “E”.  My husband came home from work on Monday and informed me that he had gotten a pay advance so we could get some groceries and gas and pay some bills.  I was somewhat relieved but not thrilled about “borrowing” more money.  The first thing I wanted to do was to go eat out at “El Real.”  The BEST Mexican restaurant EVER!  Their salsa is so fresh, I crave it.  The cilantro just makes it awesome!  OK…back to reality.   I had to go to my room and listen to a sermon podcast to snap myself out of the pity party I found myself in.  I wanted to show the Lord that I could be frugal but this was HARD!  I found encouragement from the podcast and got up and went into the kitchen and prepared dinner.  I gained a victory over what seems like a teensy battle to some but it was HARD for me.  I love to eat out!

Tuesday I went to the grocery store and was being very careful about how I spent money, using coupons and buying items on sale, etc. I got a call while I was in the grocery store and someone wanted to list their home for sale!  It was a house I had gone to in August for a listing appointment and he seemingly blew me off.  I had forgotten about it.  Turns out the guy was in the middle of a divorce and couldn’t do it then.  I felt bad because of all of the horrible things I thought about him after that appointment.  Anyway, after I got home and unloaded all of those groceries, the LAST thing I wanted to do was cook so again I had to snap myself out of the pity party mode with some Christian music and cook dinner for my family.  Another victory that the Lord helped me to win!

Today I got up early talking to God.  I did all of the laundry, ironed my husband’s shirts, cleaned the house, wrote all of the past due bills letters of explanation as to why we were behind (can you say “Realtor?”) and went to the office for an appointment.  There was a check on my desk for $75 for a home warranty that I bought back in August and didn’t expect to see that.  Thank you, Lord!  I also got a call today from another Realtor.  They are going to show my referral listing!  WooHoo!! 

I ran home after that, mixed up some meatloaf for the family, threw it in the oven and went to my appointment to list that house.  After I got back to the office, I was inputting it into the computer and I was asked if I wanted floor duty for the rest of the afternoon.  It was only a couple of hours so I said, “Sure.”  Well, guess what??  A first time buyer walked in.  The Lord is so good, isn’t He??? 

Faith is a wonderful thing—especially when the Lord increases it and makes you feel so loved in the process. 

Be blessed in the Lord!

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