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I started blogging somewhere around 2007-2008.  I was in real estate and just got into the trend to help get my name out there.  Funny thing was that most of my blogs weren’t about real estate.  They were about spiritual matters.

My pastor read some of my posts at the time told me that I needed to be teaching.  Uh no, not one of my spiritual gifts…but thanks…I think…

I started this blog after putting my journey on paper about the things that God has done in my life in the past few years.  My Mom read it and said that I needed to publish it.  I always feel like she says stuff like that because she’s my Mom.  Ya know?

But I just had it in a Word document and I thought that if I could help someone else who may have gone through some of the same things, why not put them online.  That is one of the reasons why God allows us to go through things so that we can be of comfort to others.

I’m just me and I hope that some of my experiences can help you through yours or keep you from making the same mistakes.

I have a deep hunger for the Word of God and I can’t get enough of Him.  I spend most of my time with the Lord first thing in the morning before I begin my day.

My dog loves this time of day because she lays on the bed and snores while I read and study.  I have a basset hound and any chance she can get to lay down and snore, it’s her favorite time. 🙂

I started off with Our Daily Bread just to get in the habit of reading or spending time with the Lord first thing years ago.  It wasn’ long before that was not enough.  I was taking part in Bible studies at church but it frustrated me when we would take a week off or it would be weeks before another would begin again so I started doing them at home. I thank God for Beth Moore and her willingness to share her experiences and making her studies available online. I have learned a tremendous amount through her studies.  I love Kay Arthur but you have to actually take a class in a group setting conducted by a Precepts authorized teacher.  There are many studies out there.  Priscilla Shirer is a good one, too.  I really enjoyed her series on Jonah.  Lifeway has been my lifeline to Bible studies and helping me to dig deeper.

Start something. Take that first step. You make the effort, God will meet you there. The first thing in the morning for me is best because I am less distracted and it helps to set my tone for the day.  It also keeps me in constant dialogue with Him throughout the day.

I may or may not blog every day but I try to put down things that inspire me or move me and I hope you enjoy them.

Thanks for reading.



God’s Providence, Part 3

You know what is great about God?  He can take our mistakes and still use them for His good.   Take David, for example.  His seemingly small indiscretion and subsequent murder caused an avalanche of issues for his kingdom and his children.  But God took that union and gave them Solomon, the wisest king to ever live.  He also called David “a man after His own heart.”  God looks beyond our humanity.  He knows that we are dust. We are frail and helpless without Him.  I, for one, am so thankful for His lovingkindness, mercy and grace.  Without Him, I am nothing.

Lori is a kindred spirit and I am so thankful daily that the Lord sent her my way.  I understand the relationship between David and Jonathan in Scripture.  It was so great to finally have a friend who spiritually “got it.”  I have had friends before but they were either unbelievers or of the “name it, claim it” variety.  Lori has encouraged me constantly in the Word and to journal my journey.  I hate writing.  I am a lefty so the ink smears when I write and that drives me nuts.  I do have a bit of OCD tendencies. 

I started blogging on ActiveRain as a tool to connect with other Realtors but my posts were not about real estate.  They were about my experiences that the Lord had led me through and I wanted to share them.  Our pastor has seen some of my posts and continually tells me that I need to keep writing. 

I have been having that inner prompting for quite some time to continue this and have neglected it.  Why?  I just kept blowing it off.  But God, when He wants you to do something, doesn’t give up so easily.  I would have thoughts pop in my head randomly at different times about continuing to share what’s on my heart and decided one Saturday morning when it was too cold to do anything else, that I would pour out my heart.  It’s still pouring.  God has done so many wonderous things in the last year that it will take time to share them all. 

Lori introduced me to Beth Moore Bible Studies.  At my home church, we were doing Precepts Studies with Kay Arthur.  I had seen billboards from other churches about Beth Moore studies but had never taken one myself.  So, the first study I took was “Breaking Free.”  I was wanting to sign up for the Crown Financial Study at church, which was the same time  as the Beth Moore study but God had other plans for me.  He had some cleaning up to do before I was ready to move on. 

Do you have a time in your life where you distinctly remember telling the Lord something like it just happened?  I do.  In 2003, I was driving home from a friend’s home when I was overwhelmed with dispair.  I was in bondage and I wanted out.  I had been enslaved to celebrity worship since sixth grade, which, as you know is idolatry and a major sin in God’s eyes.  I wanted to be normal.  I could not function without knowing the comings and goings of celebrities. I was living vicariously through them. I could not stand to be alone with my own thoughts.  I remember the exact spot that I was in with my vehicle when I prayed to the Lord that I was His.  I wanted Him to take me, break me, mold me and make me whatever He wanted.  I didn’t care how He did it. 

I was serious and He knew it.  He had been waiting for me to come to Him.  He was the only One who could free me and change me into something beautiful for Him. 

I am sometimes slow and dig in my heels when I want to be stubborn and He has been working on me for six years.  I can say that this past year has been the biggest change ever.  It has been worth it.  The journey may not always be pleasant but the destination is out of this world!

Be blessed in the Lord!

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