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Sex, Celibacy and Monogamy…Oh my!

Does it ever strike you as odd that advertisers seem to use sex to sell anything?  Unfortunately, in the society in which we live, sex sells or rather I guess I should say lust sells. How depraved we have become. Sex is not the whole reason for living.   I get disgusted watching TV because it seems that every single show has to have something sexual in it.  Do we, as a society, actually talk to one another like that or is TV trying to push a liberal agenda to get us thinking that it is OK to degrade one another?

God created sex in a marital environment so that the man and woman could share an intimacy with each other and no one else.  It brings pleasure and procreates.

It is still not the entire reason for living.  In marriage, it actually plays a small role compared to the rest.  What happens if your mate becomes paralyzed or dysfunctional?  Does that end the marriage?  Of course not. But how many people today actually honor their marriage vows?  “For better or for worse, in sickness and in health…” 

Jesus taught to esteem others better than ourselves.  It’s kind of hard to do that if you get frustrated with a mate who cannot “service” your needs and you seek fulfillment outside of the marriage.  You’ve broken that trust and committed adultery. 

The world has tried to ingrain in our psyche that we cannot live without sex when the truth is, yes…we can.  True love is a commitment, not a feeling.  You married for better or for worse and seemingly the “worse” is here.  Your spouse cannot function.  How do you handle it?  Think if it were you.  Would you want your spouse to just give up on you and go find someone else?  How selfish would that be?  Don’t berrate your spouse because they have a physical issue and cannot perform. If you are loved, cherish it.  Do you know how many people are in an unloving marriage?

I used to think that older couples who slept in separate beds was horrible.  I see now that being able to sleep while your spouse snores like a freight train in another room is coping.  I used to think that being celibate after a certain age was a death sentence.  I was wrong.  God has given me the grace to get through this just as He does any other “obstacle” that may come my way.

How do you do it? Stop listening to songs about romance and sex.  Refuse to watch anything on TV that has sex in it. When a scene comes on in a movie that has a couple having sex, leave the room until that scene is over.  Focus on the Lord and what He wants.  Stay in His Word.  He will give you the grace to get through it.

Life goes on….even without sex.  There is beauty in so many every day things. Look for the beauty.  It is there!  God is giving you a gift of life every day.  Cherish it. Serve Him.


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