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So, I went to the chiropractor yesterday. I just knew I’d be down to 186 and I could finally say I had officially lost 100 lbs. I jumped on the scales and it showed 190. My jaw hit the floor.  I was all disappointed that I hadn’t lost weight. As I was walking back down the hall, Doc says, “You are getting smaller.”  I kind of snapped back with, “Nope. Not an an ounce this month.” 

So, he asked his on-staff personal trainer to come see what was going on with my regimen. I sat down with her and we went through everything. She said I was doing it all right, just to keep going.  It will happen.  Watching it closely is like standing over the stove waiting for water to boil–it seems to take forever, then BAM! it happens.

I told her I was thinking about getting one of those balls to work on strengthening my core and they actually sold them there.  I got one of those and a stretchy band. 

This morning, I’m standing in the bathroom, thinking I was 4 lbs away from losing 100 lbs.  Then it hit me.  I was 195 last month…I DID lose 5 lbs. Duh!  I don’t do math.  I really, really suck at it. 🙂

I did use the band last night and did a little on the ball.  To be honest, I was scared the darn thing was going to pop if I sat on it. LOL I am going to do interval training with it.  I walk my dog every morning for a mile and then usually in the evenings, too, if it’s not raining.  But I can alternate every other night and work on my core muscles.

I am excited about the small changes I can feel in my body.  The once-screaming-acutely-inflamed sciatic nerve is now down to a small whisper.  I can’t feel every inch of it when I walk now, unless I pick up something heavy.  The muscles in my leg that had atrophied while I was in such pain are gradually regaining their normal strength.  I’m looking forward to the day when I can walk at a faster pace.  Of course, I don’t know if my basset hound will be so happy about that.  🙂

Can I just say one thing?  If you can walk without issue, be grateful.  You don’t realize how much you miss mobility until you lose a part of it. Don’t take anything in this life for granted. Ever.


Keep on Moving!

A couple of weekends ago, I was inspired to fast and pray about the pain in my hip.  I needed some discernment and wisdom.  I have been in pain for a year now and it’s not getting better.  Going to the chiropractor helped me to walk without the use of a cane, but I need to get my mobility back.  I’m not 80 for cryin’ out loud. lol

So, I was watching Dr Richard Becker on TV and he was talking about pain and mobility and it was like a shout from the TV to me:  Get moving!  It doesn’t matter how much pain you are in, move, move, move.

OK. How to “move?”  I started walking 30 minutes a day with my dog. As soon as we eat dinner, she starts whining and squawking (any of you basset hound peeps will understand that sound).  She knows it is time for a walk.  If I even say the word “walk”…she starts. 

This week, I decided to “up” the level.  I walk 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes at night.  Yesterday was the first day I had not had to take any kind of pain relief in a while.  No Tylenol. No Alleve. 

My endurance is getting better. I’m not having to stop to stretch the piriformis muscle every few feet now. I can actually walk the entire 30 minutes.  It’s working.  It’s gradual. 

I am so looking forward to walking without “hobbling.”  That’s my next goal!

Fresh and Ready!

I got up this morning and headed out to my chiro for a little snap ‘n crack.  I was feeling so much better that I really didn’t want to go.  The only reason I went was to get on his scales.  I’ve been monitoring my weight monthly via his scales so I wanted to keep it “accurate.”

The pain in my hips is becoming a distant memory.  Yesterday, I was able to do lunges and squats.  Today, I walked up a flight of stairs…twice.  I cannot tell you the last time I was able to do that.  All because of red meat!

I had organic chicken breast yesterday, boiled in organic chicken broth, with thyme, sage and fresh rosemary.  Then I cooked some barley for the week and chopped up some fresh organic broccoli. It was very good, if I do say so myself.  🙂

Anyway, I got on the scales this morning and I’ve dropped another 10 lbs!!!  YES!!  That makes a total of 75 lbs since December 2010.  Of course, most of 2011, I spent fighting myself about actually trying to lose weight.  The 30 lbs I lost between December and February was, I guess, nerves. That was the time that Daddy was getting sicker and finally passed away in February of 2011. 

The discussion I had with my chiropractor this morning was good. He’s going to look into offering allergy tests for his patients because I’m not the only one who has mentioned the food sensitivity and how it has changed their life removing certain foods from the diet.  Cool. 

I’ve been so pumped today at work.  All I can say is Praise You, Lord!!

Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I had to take Hallmark Man to the “big city” of Savannah for a colonoscopy this morning.  It only took us an hour and a half to get there.  Traffic along the interstate was zipping along at a whopping 5 miles an hour.  We took the nearest exit and went in via the back roads. Otherwise, we would have been sitting in traffic a lot longer.  3 hours later as we were leaving Savannah, the traffic was STILL backed up.

I am noting that today, I have no pain in my hips.  I did not eat red meat yesterday at all.  I didn’t eat any processed meat.  I did, however, eat every two hours because I was starving.  Maybe it was a mental thing, but I still didn’t make it up to 1399 calories (my max for the day, according to, if I want to lose weight).

Oh, I didn’t mention it?  I signed up on her website yesterday.  I need a kick start.  I’ve got a lot more weight to lose.  Finding my food sensitivities is making this a little more tricky. I have to be leary of carbs that spike insulin, avoid red meat, processed meat and dairy (except butter).  So, I ate a lot of beans and eggs yesterday.  To look at it on print, (via, it looked scary and I felt like I lost control, so that’s why I joined up with Jillian’s site.

So, I am excited about the no pain thing. I am going to the chiropractor tomorrow morning, not because I “need” it, but because I am dying to get on the scales. I haven’t been on the scales in a month.  I could do that for free, but I might as well get adjusted while I am there and share with him what I discovered about red meat.  🙂

The sad part of this whole ordeal is that Hallmark Man bought me a ring for Christmas.  It’s too big now.  It flops around on my finger and is at least half a size too big.  I didn’t realize I was losing weight in my fingers, too.  I’m constantly adjusting it.  I know…it’s a good thing.

You know what else could be daunting, but I’m not going to let it?  According to Jillian Michael’s website, I will reach my goal weight by December 24, 2012.  Of course, that is based on the 220 lbs that I weighed last time I went to the chiropractor.  We will see what tomorrow brings.  I am pumped!!

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