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Code Names

A few writers that I know give their husbands nick-names in their published works.  It seems to give them character.  An image usually comes to mind from the description.  Like Pioneer Woman’s “Marlboro Man” conjures up images of a tall cowboy with a hat and chaps or Kathy Bohannon’s “Ninja Man” to me conjures up an image of a multitasking busy man.   Beats plain ole “Hubby.” 

So I started thinking.  What would I call my husband?  He’s tall, quiet, likes video games and Sci-Fi and sappy movies.  And, just in case you are wondering, no…I do not like sappy movies.  I can’t stand them. 

Being the over-analytical person that I am, I tried to figure out why.  I am a girl.  Girls are supposed to like sappy movies, right?   Then I got a phone call from my Mom.  She has always been a super “peppy” and upbeat when she’s talking. When I was a kid, she could be screaming at us one minute and the phone would ring and she would answer with a syrupy sweet, “Hello?” as if nothing were going on around her.  Nothing wrong with that.  My sister and I still joke about that to this day.  Of course, we would do the same thing but it was funnier with Mom.

I am thinking that my lack of favoritism toward sappy movies is somehow related to that sweet, syrupy tone.  Deep down in my subconscious, it was a turn-off.  Mom was always one to try go make things sound positive, even when they weren’t.  For instance, “How about taking out the trash, would you?

You can imagine what a teen would think under those circumstances.  Eye roll. Gag. Leave me alone. I’m busy.  Guess I just never got past it.  Who knows….

So anyway, back to “hubby” nicknames or code names…which sounds better?

Sci-Fi Man

Hallmark Man

And, no, he doesn’t like sports.  😦


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