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Earth Day

Sunday, April 22nd is “Earth Day.”  There are events going on nationwide to celebrate “earth.”  Everything from picnics, to planting trees, to festivals. One site says that Earth Day is a day to reflect on nature and what one can do to help better his little part of the planet.

I am all for taking care of what God has entrusted us with.  We are His stewards.  The only thing that concerns me about this “earth day” is that how it is approached. 

Are we worshipping the earth in this celebration?  God says that you shall have no other gods before Me.

What exactly is considered worship?  According to one online dictionary, it means to show reverence and adoration for (a deity); honor with religious rites.

Are we honoring the “earth” with this day instead of the Creator?   Just a thought…



In the Flight Path of Geese

It’s cold and rainy outside and a Saturday at that.  I awoke early this morning and an inaudible voice compelled, “Meet with Me.”  I somewhat wanted to but started to argue, “I’ll pray when I lay back down” knowing full well that I would fall back asleep before I got a few lines out.  It’s too early. But it will be quiet. You won’t regret it. Why am I arguing with myself about meeting with God?  He delights in me, says the Psalmist. He wants to spend time together…alone – without all of the family, animals, TV, phones, and computers. The God who created the universe wants to meet with me.

So, I stumbled down the hall and into the kitchen, gave the dog her morning treat and ushered her out the door. The cats ambled up wanting their treats as well so I obliged them.  As they munched and purred, I pulled the coffee out of the cabinet and put on a pot.  I opened the blinds and the gray day met my eyes. This is a day for reading, snuggling by a fire or sleeping, I thought.  According to the weather, it is supposed to rain all day.

Finally, after what seemed an eternity, the coffee is ready. I pour myself a cup, put some french vanilla creamer in it and sit down on the sofa.  I opened my laptop to glance at my email to make sure nothing urgent needed attention, closed it and grabbed my Bible off the end table. 

I have three different devotionals so I usually read one that is just for women/mothers and gain some encouragement. Then I will pick up another to have a starting point in Scripture.  More often than not, I’ll read more than the passage required because I am getting so much out of it.

The back door was still open as I began to read and then I heard them.  There is a huge gaggle of Canadian Geese that live down the street in our neighborhood pond.  Every morning they fly over the house headed out to wherever they go for the day.  Each evening, they come back.  Sometimes there are three different sets that fly over.  These birds are amazing to watch, even if it is in brief. The “V” formation they fly in and their squawking gets my attention every time.  This morning, I didn’t see them but heard them as they chatted noisily amongst themselves and flew over my house.  I smiled.  God created these gorgeous creatures and I never tire of hearing them or seeing them.  They always put me in awe of my Creator.   God knows that I love them and He woke me up early to meet with Him and to enjoy His creation, as He does. 

We read in Scripture that God loves us.  But it never occurred to me until hearing Beth Moore this week that God is kind to us.  He actually wants to be nice to us.  For some reason, that brings God into a whole different light in my mind.  I will never completely fathom all that we mean to Him.  I am still trying to comprehend why He delights in us. 

Being in the flight path of the geese may not mean anything to you, but it means a lot to me.  It is a gentle reminder of the gracious kindness of a loving God and that He is in control.  Even if bad things come our way, He reminds us that all things work together for good to them that love the Lord. There is a reason, a purpose for everything. Including you.

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