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Thinkers Wanted

Think back in time and try to remember the hype that was pushed down our throats via advertising about what was “good for you” or what wasn’t good for you. Remember the jingle, “the incredible, edible egg?”  Oh, and don’t forget “milk, it does a body good.”

All this is supposedly in the name of promoting your good health but in actuality, it is just an advertisement to get you to buy a certain product. Yet, most Americans fall for it because it is so ingrained in us and we are programmed to accept it as reality.

Every year or so, there is a new fad diet pill.  Remember a couple of years back, there was this supposed doctor who was pushing a diet pill?  It was on TV every time you turned around.  Then all of a sudden, Poof!  It’s gone. My guess?  Somebody had an adverse reaction and sued the company.

There is NO magic diet pill. Period.

Last night on the news, I saw the FDA pushing a new diet pill through, despite the issues that it presents because it “might be a good thing.”  Hello???  Then YOU take it, Mr. FDA, and get back with us on the side effects, if you live through it. 

Don’t believe every gimmick that comes along.  Do some research on the subject and, for crying out loud, think before you act.

Dr Oz was on TV yesterday promoting some carb brownie that you were to eat twice daily to lose your butt fat.  I got so mad, I turned off the TV.  I am a protein type. My body is a high oxidizer.  If I eat carb brownies, twice a day, I would gain back the 75 lbs I just lost PLUS some.  I finally decided, after yesterday, to quit watching him.  He seems to do nothing but push products.  He doesn’t really teach anybody how to get healthy.

OK. I am off my soapbox now.  Thinkers wanted.



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