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The Voice

And before I begin, no, I am not referring to the TV show.  🙂

Saturday morning, I woke up with a “Good Morning, Lord” and was immediately told to fast.  It had not entered my mind to do it prior to this on this particular day.  And in case you are wondering, it was not an audible Voice.  It was the Voice of the Spirit speaking to my heart.  I’m learning to listen to this Voice, even as still and small as it may be. I’m always eager to hear the Father speak to me.  Whether through His Word, a song, another believer or that inner whisper that you know can only be from Him.

I have fasted a few times in the past few months but this time was different.  I felt the Spirit leading me and I wanted to hear what God had to say to me.  I had some issues that I had been wrestling with internally and I figured that today was as good a day as any to clear my mind and focus on Him for the day and search the Word.

Issue #1:  I only lost 5 pounds last month.  Yes, it was a loss but I am still struggling with it because I still have 70 more to lose, even after losing 91. That’s a lot of weight to lose. So I am wondering:  What did I do wrong?  What do I need to change?  What have I changed in my diet that I need to revert back to the start? Is it slowing down? Lord, please say no to that last question!

I purchased the book “Foundations for Healing” by Dr. Richard Becker.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with him, he’s a Christian doctor (D.O.) who battled Hodgkins Lymphoma with holistic medicine and natural food and won.  He now has a TV show (“Your Health” with Dr Richard Becker and Cindy Becker) and tries to help as many people as he can with healing their bodies naturally, which, takes time. I’ve learned a lot watching him but I was determined Saturday to read his book.

I learned a lot reading it.  His “healing diet” is basically a “no-grain” diet.  I originally started my weight loss with no grains and had gradually incorporated them back in.  I’m not at my goal weight yet, so I need to go back to basics. I realized a couple of weeks back that I had stopped drinking as much water as before. Not because I didn’t want to drink it, but because I was so busy at work, I didn’t think about it.  That’s not a good thing. 

His book also teaches how much of the supplements to take.  How much vitamin D we need for each issue in our body or the types of antioxidants to take as well.  Lots of really good information.

I had no idea that Stevia had additives in it….IF you purchase the wrong one.  Something always steered me away from Truvia and Purevia but I didn’t know why until I saw, within the last 3 days, several resources (Dr. Becker, Dr. Mercola and Livestrong) telling of the additives in those products that are potentially dangerous for our bodies. 

So I’m going back to as much water as I can stand and eliminating the grains for a while.  Those were answers to prayer. 

Issue #2: I am trying to focus on getting pain-free as well from this sciatic nerve that has wreaked havoc in my life since last summer.  One of Dr Becker’s shows was on therapeutic healing and forcing yourself to move, even if in pain, may be counter intuitive but it is the only way to keep your body from “locking up.” 

So, I will be “moving” more and trying to strengthen parts of my body that I have lost muscle capacity due to this pain and asking for His continued help.

I did ask how long He wanted me to fast and it was only a 24 hour period but constant prayer got me through it.  That is what fasting is all about, right?  Clear the mind, the body and free yourself to focus on nothing but Him. 

I really enjoyed my day.  🙂



Time for Changes

October 17, 2011 – – – I woke up again in a bad mood. Can’t figure out why.  Work didn’t start off so hot.  My computer started looping again.  My email wouldn’t work.  I couldn’t get Adobe installed.  The font on my screen is so freaking small I was going blind to read it.

After lunch, my mood seemed better.  Hallmark Man headed to Augusta to be with his son during the birth of his daughter.

I am looking forward to being home alone (well not exactly totally alone…still have the dog).  I guess I’m looking forward to quiet and not having to deal with his stupid shows that I hate watching.

Stopped by Tractor Supply and got Miss Girl her dog food. I finally found some holistic dog food that seems to work well with her system.  Her breath doesn’t smell as bad and one of her cysts has burst and is now healing. She hasn’t been eating much of it lately because I’ve been sharing my meat with her.

I had a roast in the crock pot so that’s what me and the dog ate for dinner.  Not bad.

Now to try and get some reading and relaxation in before I call it a night.  I may go to bed early.  We’ll see.

I ended up going to bed about 9:45.  I was tired, my back is so tight that I needed to take a muscle relaxer in hopes that it would relieve some of the tension in it.  I need to go to the chiropractor but I’ll have to wait until payday again.

October 18, 2011 – – I got up feeling refreshed (even though Miss Girl needed to go out about 5:45 this morning).  I cooked scrambled eggs, bacon & cheese and we ate breakfast. She likes sharing with me.  🙂  She knows my routine and it upsets her when we are not on schedule. lol   I don’t think she would let me oversleep for work.  She would miss out on her morning cheese.

I got some new probiotics the other day.  Apparently there is more to it than just one. After doing some reading/researching, I got some with lots of different kinds of acidophilus in it.

Oh and I bought some flax seed (Omega 3’s).  I need fiber since I don’t really get a lot with 70% protein and 30% carbs.  I ate a tablespoon yesterday. I didn’t gag! Great!  So today I ate another tablespoon.  I am fine with just one tablespoon.  The package says the serving is 3.  Yeah, OK. I’d never get those things picked out of my teeth!

This afternoon after work I went to Kroger and replenished our organic stuff. $97 and it didn’t look like I had much at all.  It is expensive but the taste is so much better than the genetically manufactured crap.

I ordered some Krill oil with evening primrose from  It came in today. We will see if it does the job of lowering my cholesterol (LDL levels need to go down and HDL needs to go up!).  I’ll stop the Estroven since this has what I need in it.

I am getting desperate to find some relief.  I have good days and bad days. Today was one of those days where it feels like my hip is coming out of joint.  I am going to try to eliminate some electromagnectic frequency that may be causing problems. I started thinking that EMF from my laptop is only sitting on my right hip/leg area.  So I am putting a table tray between my laptop and my leg.

Here’s the rundown so far.  Eliminated:


Fluoride (via toothpaste)

Aluminum (via deodorant)

Processed food


Fried food

EMF (via laptop)


I am continually researching to see if there is another toxin that I can eliminate from my diet.  Until then…I’m keeping on and praying!

Positive Spin

October 11, 2011 – – Today’s chaos was just as chaotic as yesterday’s.  I’m so glad I start my day out with the Lord because I couldn’t handle it otherwise.  I feel like I keep screwing up at work and I really hate the fact that I take everything to heart.  I worry about my boss, the finances, and my co-workers (if they are working too hard), etc etc.  Stupid, right?  It’s the way I am wired. I have a hard time just going to work, doing my job and coming home. I get way too involved emotionally and it drives me nuts. That is when I start NOT enjoying my job.  I don’t want to go there again. I prayed about that on the way home today.  I need to learn to look at it like Bob does, “If the boss ain’t worried or upset about it, neither am I.”  I just turn into this Mother Hen who wants to protect all of these guys I work with. Ugh!!!  Lord help me with that issue.  I need to learn to turn it off. If I am hard-wired that way, I don’t know how to fix it.

I went to see the dermatologist today. The last time I saw him was March, 2008. Wow, didn’t realize it had been that long.  Mom came with me to visit (since the waits at his office were usually long).  I did enjoy talking with her once we got into the room when we were by ourselves.  I felt like everybody was eavesdropping  and she was talking for them (because they were things she had already told me).    The doc did a biopsy on a part of my arm and froze a couple of “barnacles” (as he called them—said I got them from my Daddy. Yay me. I’m going to be a warty old lady.)

I got home and Hallmark Man cooked this great stir fry meal. It smelled wonderful.  He apologized for destroying the computer like he did but said it felt so good. He got another one today. Apparently HP is going out of business (the computer business anyway).

October 12, 2011 —- Today was crazy at work but thank God my boss came in.  My computer had the “blue screen of death” on it.  As long as he looks at it and doesn’t seem worried, I am OK. I just seem to panic if he’s not there and things go nuts.

I ate leftover stir fry for lunch but there just wasn’t a lot of meat in it and I was starving in 30 minutes.  I ate veggies with the stir fry and raw broccoli later but it still wasn’t MEAT. Ugh!  It did hold me off enough until I got off work, got my nails done and headed home. Hallmark Ma cooked his own baked beans and ate earlier so nothing cooked. I grabbed some organic hamburger patties and cooked them and ate them. Oh so good!

I was slicing a lemon and Miss Girl always wants what I have to I let her lick my hand to taste it. The look on her face….priceless! She doesn’t like tart things. Lol

October 13, 2011 – — I slept all night last night until my alarm went off.  It was wonderful (and rare).  I got up, cooked breakfast and lunch, did my devotions and got ready for work, headed out and got gas in the van.  I got to work and was somewhat busy this morning but nothing exciting. My boss was out of town, my computer still down, etc etc.  So this afternoon after going nuts being bored, I decided to go to the store to get stuff for the office and my van wouldn’t start.  Yay.  Another challenge.  The guys came out to look at it, and turns out that I left my lights on. Whew! Thank you, Lord, it was a simple fix.  Later, I got up and started cleaning and I didn’t stop until I went out the door. I was so thrilled!! God gave me the strength to get through it!

I then went to the store and bought groceries. Lots of organic things.  I got home and did a few things around the house, ate organic spaghetti and it was delicious!  I then did a few more things, cleaned the kitchen and by the time I was done, I was so stiff, I could barely move.  I don’t get why that happens.  It’s like my muscles give out.  I finally sat down a little before 8.  I am pooped.  I am so thankful we have a BIG God, who we can’t figure out.  Every time I do research on the human body, it blows me away how intricate and detailed and just amazing….we are amazingly created by an amazing God.  Thank you, Lord for loving me!

I remembered something that my BFF Lori asked me when I was doing “Believing God” Bible study.  She asked me if I had a full frontal assault yet from Satan.  No, not yet.  I had been watching for a while and kept alert.  This past week or so, I have been under attack.  Between my driver’s window breaking, the driver’s side handle breaking, having to walk with a cane, my computer at work dying, the big computer at home dying and work issues upon work issues….yeah. It has been something.  But you know what, I feel like God has answered my prayers.   With the cane, I have had to build up muscles in my arm and shoulders.  Can you say “workout?” lol   Now having to climb out of the van through the passenger side is also a semi-workout.  God is awesome because He knows I cannot physically workout but He’s giving me opportunities to build muscle.  Woop! Woop!

No Pain, No Gain?

October 6, 2011 – I slept good last night. I only got up twice to pee, which was great. I did take a hydrocodone before bed because my leg was starting to bug me. It only does that at night.

This morning as I was walking toward the kitchen, I slammed my left foot into my cane and smacked the crap out of my toes. That will certainly wake you up!

I have green/blue toes now. Oh well, life rolls on.

Cooked breakfast, did my Bible study, put a roast in the crockpot (I prayed over it that it would be good because my usual stuff was not on my shelf and it was not healthy anyway) and made it out the door intact. My driver’s side window still half up, I got to enjoy the cool air going to work this morning.

I had tuna salad with pickles and some yogurt for lunch. The guys at work took my van door apart and got the window wedged into an upright position.  I’m grateful for that—especially since the rain is supposed to start tomorrow.  I’ve got to bake them some brownies for doing that for me.

I started getting sleepy around 4 and even up until bedtime it took all I had to stay awake. I don’t know why I was so tired unless it was too much sugar at lunch via yogurt and mayo.

October 7, 2011 – –  I had to get up this morning, much to my body’s protest.  My dog was sitting at the bedroom door, whining at me to get up. She was ready for her morning cheese.

I baked brownies for the guys at work, cooked breakfast, did my Jonah study sans coffee.  I’m not a huge fan anyway so I was kinda relieved knowing that I am not supposed to be drinking caffeinated products anyway based on my metabolic type.  I am not forcing things I don’t like—they aren’t on my diet anyway. Cool.

Lunch was leftover roast.  It has been a crazy day at work, very stressful and I don’t get stressed very often.

I am ready to go home. I really want to go by Kroger because we are out of so many things but I would be floating a check for a week.

I did go to Kroger. I limped through and got a few organic items to a whopping $188 (minus the $25 gift card for gas).  I was in excruciating pain and hobbled the rest of the night.

October 8, 2011 – – – I slept until almost 10am. I was so tired.  This daily workout with my cane is wearing me out. I am sore. I even took a 3 hour nap.  I am tired and my body aches like the flu. Later realized it was carb/sugar withdrawal.  Took Tylenol and it helped. Ate only two meals today. Just not hungry.  Now watching “Thor” with Louis.

October 9, 2011—Had a very rough night. Pain kept waking me up. I tossed and turned and moaned and groaned.  But odd thing, I got up this morning and I have been walking around, cleaning, and even repainted my toenails and I have not had any problems.  It is almost 2 and I am starting to feel that flu-ish feeling again. I wish I knew what causes that. I am wondering if it is the Stevia in my water.

October 10, 2011 – – This day started off just fine.  No crutch required. Praise the Lord!  I went and paid the water bill, dropped off mail at the post office, got gas and went to work. Then all hell broke loose. My computer was messed up and rebooted all day. Going to a customer to pick up parts in the rain, my handle broke on the driver’s door so now that the window won’t roll down and I can’t get out the driver’s side, I have to crawl to the passenger side to get out. Fun.  Issues, issues and pressure all day.  Hallmark Man’s computer conked out and instead of being rational and taking it to get it fixed (only 6 months old, warranty…hello!) He smashed it to pieces.  I am so not happy with him.  I gave up getting a decent mower this summer so he could have a nice computer.  That really hurt!

I am just trying to make it through. It took all I had not to cry today. I needed my boss at work to fix the flipping computer. Mondays suck for him to be away off site.  This Monday sucked even worse. I had people emailing and fussing about this and that and it puts pressure on me.

I am OK now but part of me wants to hide under the covers and not come out.


Cholesterol’s Down!!

October 4, 2011 – Went to have blood work done…finally. One “mental” thing I can take out of my mind. I couldn’t believe what a foul frame of mind I was about having to do this. I started thinking about Jesus and His death on the cross.  The day before He was to die, He was still loving and caring.  I don’t know how He did it. I get ticked off at any “interruption” of having to go to a doctor.  I just absolutely hate it. I apologized in prayer for my state of mind and moved on.   I got a chance to get on the scales (the only ones I am weighing on) at the Drs office and I’ve lost 15 lbs. Glory to God!  OK….my labor is not in vain. Thank You, Lord!

One thing I noticed after I got to work. I looked down at my bandage and the gauze was full of blood and some was on my arm.  Hmmm….that’s never happened before. My blood is usually thick.  Drinking water and taking Nattokinaise seems to be working. We will see when the results come in. I am curious.

I will do what I can on my heath-seeking food sources and leave the results up to God. This is for His honor and glory.

I had chicken for breakfast after I got to work. My brain was still somewhat foggy since I hadn’t had breakfast, coffee or vitamins to start my body’s food sources flowing to my brain.

I did finally make the appointment with the dermatologist to have this mole removed. One more thing off my “to do” list. Next is this hole in my incisor. That will be $210 and it wouldn’t be such a big deal but right now I am strapped making payments for other medical bills due to the MRI. I’ll be strapped until January. I hate that. It seems every year in December, we are broke. I want to be able to give gifts to my family for Christmas and not struggle to do it. I registered for $1k giveaway from Lifeway Christian stores. I could really use that for Christmas gifts and what a great tree I could make with verses and crosses, etc from there.  Ideas are flowing!

I had tuna for lunch and was hungry by 4:30.  I was so grateful to see Louis had cooked by the time I got home.  I was frustrated because the driver’s side window of my van was down and I couldn’t get it up.  He tried later but he couldn’t do it either. It’s stuck partially down. Yay.

October 5, 2011 —  Last night about 1:30, I ended up taking a half of hydrocodone to stop the pain in my groin area.

Got up and did my usual breakfast routine.  I did my Jonah study at the table while I ate and drank my coffee.  Spent time with the Lord this morning.

Tried to go get my clothes together and this sharp stabbing pain in the middle of my thigh had me hobbling painfully and finally drew me to tears.  Praying for relief and healing, I told the Lord I am so tired of hurting. I’ve spent most of my life in pain. I am so tired of hurting. It is so rare when I have days without pain anymore.

On my way to work, I called Mom to see if I could borrow Daddy’s walking cane. He had two.  Hallmark Man went and got them and brought them to work for me. It was so nice to be able to walk without that sharp stabbing pain in my thigh.

I had tuna again for lunch. It would not hurt my feelings if I never had it again. I am glad I was playing a video game on Facebook so I could focus on something besides the fishy taste and smell.

As I was doing research and reading on the internet about health, foods, etc.  Dr Mercola was touting a book called “The Metabolic Typing Diet.”  It was based on your body type and what foods work best for you.  So, I still had money left on my gift card, so I downloaded the iBook.  I just finished the 65 question, half hour test and I am what I thought I was: the protein type.

As I was walking around the house this evening, my left shoulder was burning from use and I thought about a prayer I had asked the Lord about and I chuckled. I told Hallmark Man that the Lord has a wild sense of humor.  I had prayed about my arms and wanting to work them out but couldn’t exercise nor could I afford weights or a gym membership.  Well, now that I am walking with a cane, I am working out my upper body: “TADA!”  lol   Gotta have a sense of humor, right?

I got a call from my doctor’s office today about my blood work. LDL: 187; HDL: 43 – 230 total Cholesterol. They wanted to put me on a statin drug and I told them I would not take it and I was on a homeopathic treatment (Nattokinase).  I am thrilled because the last time I had my blood work done, my cholesterol was 265.  Progress!

October Begins Anew

October 2, 2011 – I had an OK night. Closer to morning, I felt as if my body hurt all over, almost flu-like.  I had taken a hydrocodone before bed because I was hurting.  I’ve stopped using deodorant with aluminum in it.  I’ve stopped aspartame, sugar and grains. I know it is going to take time for this to clear out of my body.  I am so ready to be pain free.  I’ve noticed that I can bend over and pick stuff up without the pinch/pain feeling. That’s progress.

Did my regimen of eggs, Cymbalta, glucosamine, probiotics, Estroven and a multi-vitamin this morning.  Took two Aleve since I felt crummy still.  Drank my vanilla biscotti coffee with one packet of Stevia.  I’m getting used to it.  It really tastes more like dark chocolate.  Louis says it smells like pee.  Yay.  Oh well, it is something different to drink other than water.

I did my first session video with Priscilla Shirer, “Jonah, A Life Interrupted” and the tears just began to flow. Not sure why. Maybe I knew I needed to re-think my “interrupted” life.  I do know it was a Divine Intervention.  I was on a collision course and spiraling out of control in the financial arena. Only He could save me.  I am excited about what He is going to show me and teach me during this next six weeks.

As I sat here, my neighbor was cutting grass.  It sounded like they were cutting ours, too.  I think I will bake her a strawberry nectar cake this afternoon.  They are great neighbors.  He’s not a believer in Christ and needs to see God’s love somewhere outside of “religion.”

Didn’t have a perfect day. Ended up having to take some hydrocodone this evening. Walking was painful.  I was limping and hobbling from room to room.

I have a mole on my leg that I think is melanoma. I keep wondering if all of this pain isn’t cancer spreading.  You know, you think the worst when pain goes on for so long like this. I keep hoping that time and a healthy diet will clear it up. I am praying that the weight loss will help.

I had tuna and pickles for lunch, stir fry with beef, broccoli and snow peas for dinner.  I had plenty of Omega-3 today plus some sunshine. It was gorgeous outside. Nice breeze blowing, cool temperatures so I sat out with the dog and soaked up some rays.  Tended to the flowers and found some interesting creatures there.  Cool looking spider, green lynx had laid her eggs, hornworm caterpillar and another caterpillar on my verbena.  Picked seeds from my four o’clocks.  Set aside some of the lemon seeds to plant. We’ll see how that works.

Tried to take a nap with the dog. Doesn’t work well on a twin bed. I finally did get into a position that didn’t hurt.  We slept for a bit. I need a bigger bed.

It’s 10 o’clock. Guess I need to head off to bed. Got payroll in the morning.

I tried to sleep in the bed with Louis but was in too much pain to get comfortable. Went back to my little room, took a hydrocodone and went to sleep.

October 3, 2011 – -Slept OK last night after the pain subsided. Had a time getting around the house this morning. Sharp pain shooting down my right thigh. I feel like I need a crutch or a cane sometimes to take the pressure off that leg.  Then, other times, I am fine. This is just so weird. It moves and changes constantly.

Breakfast consisted of the usual: eggs with bacon pieces and cheese, coffee (grabbed regular by accident so I had to pour some creamer in to make it drinkable), glucosamine, Cymbalta, Estroven, probiotics and a multi-vitamin.

I need to have blood work done. I guess I’ll do it tomorrow. I’ll have to cook my eggs and eat them afterward.  Hmmm….not sure that’s going to be so tasty.  I know Miss Girl will be disappointed. She likes sharing my food.

Had tuna with a little mayo and pickles for lunch.  I’ve been drinking my water with lemon and Stevia.  I grab an Altoid here and there in case my breath is kickin’.  I don’t want to kill my co-workers with my dog breath.  🙂

Read some more in the “No Grain Diet” book. Got really down because everytime I think I’m doing the right thing, I read somewhere that it’s not. I’ve been drinking water with lemon juice and Stevia because I really hate plain water.  Well, apparently that’s “sugar” and I’m not supposed to drink it that way.  I’m not supposed to eat ham (sugar-cured…makes sense).  I can eat ground Ostrich?? Where the crap do they have that??  I’m just royally frustrated and I prayed about it.  I am trying to do what I can with the limited funds, food and mobility and I am asking God to bless my effort.  Can you believe that tuna was not on the OK list?  This guy is all about organic food and nothing processed and perfect water, etc etc.  I could throw in the towel, but I’m not. I’ll do what I can and move on.

I am so ready to be pain free.

The Journey takes a turn

September 30, 2011 – Took a hydrocodone before I went to bed. Leg pain was about all I could handle. Slept good. Got up a couple of times to pee, had to let the dog out at 1:30. Woke up this morning with a headache on the left side (my migraine side).  I am hoping that I am either dehydrated from peeing so dang much or lack of caffeine. But I may be wrong. I did feel it coming on last night. I am thinking migraine. But that’s OK. I do have one migraine pill left.

I am so glad it is Friday!  Today I’ve got to sit down and figure out what bills to pay (besides rent) and whether or not we can afford for me to renew my real estate license ($100).  I’m not using it but hate to throw away the work I put into getting it.

Tomorrow we are supposed to go to Savannah and see the movie “Courageous” with Mom. I’m looking forward to it.

Wow! Talk about amazing grace! The next two things that happened was God alone and to Him be the glory, honor and praise!!

I went to run some errands today at lunch and was praying about whether or not to keep my license and God spoke to my heart, “why do you like real estate?”  Um…ok, not for the sales or the money (or lack thereof) or the freedom to come and go as you please. Believe it or not, it was because I like knowing what’s going on in that area. That’s it?  Not worth it.  So I made the decision not to renew.  Freedom!!

After work, I headed to Wal-Mart to pick up a few items and was dreading the painful limp across the store.  Two items were at one end and the rest were at the other. OK, here we go.  I grabbed a buggy and started at one end, paused a few moments while an elderly gentleman tried to use the computer generated “choose your windshield wiper” machine.  I was going to get some for mine but as I stood there, I heard this loud, obnoxious black lady tell her child (and I’m sure that half of the store heard her) “I ain’t got no F*****ing money, NO!” She continued to talk to that child in an angry manner and I heard the little boy go, “Momma, why you fightin’ me?”  Wow…how sad.  In the meantime, I’m still standing and I think, “Well, I can wait for wipers. It’s not going to rain this week anyway.”  So I moved on to get the produce and head out the door.  As I’m walking to my van, it hit me, “NO PAIN!!” I didn’t limp. It didn’t hurt.  I was practically shouting inside.  Thank you, LORD!!!

I found what I enjoy drinking now, too.  Water with lemon and Stevia.  Perfect!  I made some unsweet tea, too, just to have something different to drink.  Got the idea from going to the Rusty Pig for bar-b-que and I got some un-sweet tea there that could walk on its own. Super strong!  I put two packets of Stevia in it and it was still potent.

I wanted to see what else was available in video download Bible studies from Lifeway because I was getting close to running out of Beth Moore.  I found Priscilla Shirer (Pastor Tony Evans’ daughter—love hearing him preach on the radio.  He’s got fire!) and, boy, let me tell you I have a hard time saying her name! It’s a tongue twister to me.  But she’s got one about Jonah.  It’s called “Jonah, Life Interrupted.”  I watched a 30 second promo and if they have it at the store tomorrow, I’m going to do that one. My life has been interrupted a lot.

We went to bed around 11, since we were going to be getting up earlier to head to Savannah.  I brought my hydrocodone in the room with me in case I needed it so I wouldn’t have to fight with the dog (who wants to sleep with me in a twin bed).

October 1, 2011 —  I woke up this morning.  No pain.  Hallelujah!!!  Praise YOU LORD!  I slept great last night.  No pain. I vacuumed this morning and my hip caught a couple of times but it was a quick catch and went away just as quickly. I am sitting OK now as I type. I am so grateful!

I started this past week on a “No-grain diet.”  My body responds better to protein.  I eat eggs each morning and they help sustain me until lunch. No crashes, no hunger.  Even after lunch, I don’t have the “I gotta have a nap” feeling.  I don’t really get hungry until time to eat dinner.  I try to get before 7pm and I am good until the next morning.

Dr. Mercola’s book, “the no-grain diet” is great. I’ve downloaded the iBook and am going through it. I am trying to buy organic or as healthy as I can.  I am praying as I go so the Lord will bless my effort.  My main prayer is to lose this excess hundred pounds and that my skin will shrink with it. I am not going through plastic surgery. I am not doing what man says will work. I am trusting in God alone to get me through this. I do not want to have the skin from my stomach hanging down to my thighs afterward.  ONLY GOD can fix that.

The movies are going to be at 12:30. I’m going to be hungry. Gotta figure something out.

So I took a sandwich baggie with bar-b-que in it and ate some before the movie.  The hour ride there was ok.  Walking down the ramp then up the steps and sitting for 2 hours didn’t do me much good.  I got up a couple of times to go to the bathroom and was really stiff by the time it was over. It was a great movie! Emotional rollercoaster for sure.  Went to Lifeway afterwards, then Pooler and walked the strip mall while I was there to stretch my legs.  The hour long trip home was the kicker. Limping a little this afternoon.  But thankful that the Lord gave me the strength to make it.

The last video of Beth Moore’s video Bible Study (Living Beyond Yourself) on self-control was exactly what I needed. She talked about self-control in the area of eating. It really helped me with what I’ve been reading and studying and trying to do with God as my guide.


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