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Moving Day

Today is moving day at the office. Of course, the guys (and the forklift) are doing the heavy lifting.  I brought gloves and am ready to pitch in.  Just waiting on the boss to say so.  I feel helpless sitting at this desk but I know he wants me here to answer phones.  I kind of like the idea of a chivalrous boss.  He thinks men should do heavy lifting.  Works for me.  I don’t have the muscles they do. lol

This weekend was interesting in my next phase of weaning off of any meat that is not organic. I am on day 4 and I’ve noticed that the inflammation in my hip is going away, slowly, but it is going away.  Yesterday, I had two raw organic eggs for breakfast, and pinto beans and non-GMO long grain brown rice and organic onions for lunch and dinner.  This morning, I again had two two organic eggs and I cooked two organic hamburger patties for lunch and threw in some raw organic broccoli to go with it.  Almonds are readily available if I get hungry.

I woke up yesterday with a pinch in my upper back so bad that I tried everything to ease it:  prescription meds, heat, ice, TENS unit but nothing worked.  We went to Walmart for a few items and then stopped by my son’s house to let him pop my back.  He’s really good at it.  He told me I should teach Hallmark Man how to do it.  I’ve tried.  He sucks at it.  🙂

The upper part of my back popped like nothing I’ve ever felt but WOW! it felt better immediately.

It is sore in that area this morning. I guess the strain on the muscle was intense.  I put ice on it before I came to work.

It will be awesome when I can finally stop taking pain meds.  I am either taking Alleve or Tylenol to take the edge off of the pain in my hips but I believe in a couple of weeks, that will be no more.

After much prayer, research, and talking with Hallmark Man, I will stay on my anti-depressants. It works for me. Dysthymic disorder is not curable and the meds are working, so I will just plug along. I don’t cry at the drop of a hat, which is awesome.  I’m not having panic attacks.  I don’t have phantom pain.  There is a mile long list of symptoms of dysthymia that I had totally forgotten about until I started researching it again.  I don’t want to go back there. I’ve spent most of my life there. Until I get my heavenly body on the other side of glory, I’ll adjust to this one and try and listen to it to know what is best for me.




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