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A Pit Stop

Hallmark Man’s face and posture told me he was really hurting.  I told him that we needed to go to the ER because it could be his appendix.  The medicine change nor the prednisone were doing any good.  He was getting worse.

Got to the ER and thank the Lord there wasn’t a parking lot full of people.  We basically went right in.  Of course the x-ray, blood word and CT scan took a while.  Finally we were seen by a surgeon and I knew something was up.  The doctor  showed up bright and chipper at 1:30am to tell us that Hallmark Man had appendicitis and he was going to, hopefully, remove it laproscopically.  He spent a while going over his medical history, symptoms, etc.  He said he wanted to get Hallmark Man filled with fluids before he did surgery, plus the surgical wing had “banker’s hours”—they didn’t open until 9. They were partially staffed.  So once they told me what room he was going to be in, I went home.  I got in bed around 2:30am, talked to the Lord a bit and tried to process the day’s events.  I finally drifted off and then got up at 6:30am.

October 24, 2011 – – As soon as I woke up,  my phone rang. It was Hallmark Man. I needed to sign consent forms and had to do it within 30 minutes. Yikes!!  No time for breakfast, shower or devotions.  Glad I did the devotions in the wee hours of the morning.  I could do Jonah at the hospital while he was in surgery.

All I am thinking is that my poor dog doesn’t have a clue what’s going on. We are off our routine and it is messing up her day.

Another worry…it is rent payday and I sure don’t need to be missing a lot of work. I have bills to pay.


I got to the ER and the lady tried to explain where I was to go but I was clueless, confused and frustrated.  3.5 hours sleep doesn’t quite cut it for me.  I was running on adrenaline. She walked me to the wing where I was to go.  The folks at the hospital were so understanding and kind when I couldn’t see something right in front of me.   Prayers were being poured out on his behalf.  Pancreatitis and appendicitis.  It was going to be a tense morning.

I went to the cafeteria after I signed his paperwork and got some sausage and bacon for breakfast.  Cheap food and good, too!

They took him down for surgery a little after 10am. They told me they were going to start at 10:30 and if all goes well, it would be a 15 minute in and out kind of thing.  That didn’t happen.  11:30 rolled around, 11:45, then 12:15 and finally the Doctor came in to talk to me at 12:30.  His appendix was necrotic.  He was able to do it laproscopically, but barely.  As he stapled the two good tissues, the necrotic tissue almost disintegrated and if that had happened, he would have had to open him up.  He had calcified stool balls in there that were removed.  He had two hernias.  One was in the same place where he was doing surgery, so he removed one.  The other one will have to wait until it bothers him.  His intestines were inflamed.  What a mess!  He is one sick man.  He will stay in the hospital until at least Friday to make sure he’s OK.  Doc explained that prednisone is the great masker. It hid a lot of issues he had going until the pancreas flared up and the pain became intense.

He was running 103° fever when they first got him into his room.  I am so grateful it is a small hospital. I couldn’t walk very far on a bigger campus.

I know…my brain is wandering.

The more I was told about what happened and how close he had come to a much bigger mess, I thank the Lord for bringing him through.  He took care of him.


I did come home after they got him to his room around 1:30.  I let the dog out and laid down for a nap. Slept for about an hour and got up and showered and went back. He wanted his cell phone and downloaded some sermons for him.


I wanted to go to bed earlier tonight but I needed to type this out while it was fresh on my mind.  I am so exhausted. I’m going to work earlier tomorrow so I can get as many hours as possible since I’ll probably have to take off Friday to get him out of the hospital and home.

Thank you, again, Lord, for watching over and protecting my husband.  Dr Watchacallit treated him for colitis and the misdiagnosis could have been deadly.  Thank You, thank You, thank You, Father!! You are so good to me.  I love You, Lord!  🙂

October 25, 2011 – – I feel like I am going non-stop. Hit the floor “running” – – only as fast as a person in pain like I am can move.  Work was busy, busy, busy catching up from the day out and putting things aside last week while Boss kept me going full force. I figured while he was out of town, I could catch up on paperwork.

I have got to make up for the hours missed yesterday as much as I can. We’ve got bills to pay.  I clocked in at 8:24am, which is later than I wanted.  My back is killing me from sitting in that hospital chair last night for hours. I could feel it throbbing but ignored it. I want to spend time with Hallmark Man but it hurts too bad.

I clocked out at 5 and went to Kroger, grabbed a few things and then went to Rusty Pig and got a pound of bar-b-que to eat quickly before I went to the hospital. Miss Girl was so good. She didn’t pee in the house at all. I figured with me gone for 8 hours, she’d be dying.  So I shared some pork with her and grabbed some of Hallmark Man’s things he needed and headed to the hospital.  Hobbling in wasn’t as hard as walking the hall with him.  As long as I am seated in my van, I do not hurt. There are very few positions I can be in without pain. I had to keep stopping him to bend down and stretch my hip muscles. They were tightening up and I could feel the lactic acid burn.  He was getting frustrated with me.  I can’t help it. I wish I knew how to fix it. I am trying as hard as I can to lose weight. In the meantime, I am dealing with it.

It took every ounce of strength I had to hobble out of the hospital and get in the van. I didn’t stay but about an hour and a half at the hospital.  I had to get home. I took a muscle relaxer and I will take a hydrocodone before I go to sleep.  I am praying I get some relief. I have a bunch of inventory to unpack tomorrow.



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