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What would you do if you were desperate?  Have you ever been desperate?

I know I have been desperate for money and I have made foolish decisions based on that desperation.  Being in a financial pinch can cause you to do radical things. Why do you think pawn shops and Title pawns have been so successful?  People need money and they don’t care about the consequences of super inflated fees and interest where they end up paying back 3 times what they borrowed.

I read the news this weekend about a man who robbed a bank and got caught.  Sad part of it was that he was a former client of mine.  The clerk he robbed knew him and asked him, “Are you sure you want to do this?”  His response, “I have to.”

So sad.

Sometimes, things come at you so fast that you can’t control it.  But you can control your reaction. We shouldn’t react.  We should respond.  The best way to respond is to pray for wisdom and knowledge and help from the Lord immediately. If you wait and listen, He will guide you in the right direction.


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