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The Fog

I like foggy days. Not mental fog.  The real thing.  Thick mist floating through the air so dense you can barely see 20 yards ahead of you when you’re driving. 

As I was driving through the fog this morning, something caught my eye on the side of the road. At first, it appeared like wispy puffs of cotton…or was it trash?  The closer I got, I realized it was hundreds of spider webs.  All of them made visible by the thick misty fog.  It was so cool! I spent the whole drive in to work enjoying literally thousands of webs.  They were in the grass, on fences and on bushes. Each one designed their own little snare for their next meal.  Woven so intricately, it can only be by Divine Design. As daylight comes, the spiders will tear down their web and rebuild it again the next evening. All in a days work for them but an awe-inspiring creation for me to enjoy.

I wish I had a camera that would pick up what the human eye can.  God makes the coolest things to enjoy!


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