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Just a thought…

Hallmark Man and I were recently watching an updated version of “The Ten Commandments.”  It wasn’t Charlton Heston and it wasn’t totally Biblically accurate which, by the way, drives me nuts.  I used to get angry about it but now I am just having fun picking out the parts that are wrong and am thankful that from Bible studies, I am blessed to know these things.  Like, for instance, when the children of Israel were crossing the Red Sea, Scripture teaches us that they crossed on dry land.  In this version, they were sloshing through puddles and mud and waterfalls.  Plus, Moses would have been 80, not 40-something.  His Egyptian “mother” didn’t look much older than he did.  Of course, Hollyweird has to add their own dramatic flair to these movies.  Charlton Heston’s character was having an unrequited love with Nephretiri (however you spell it).


Enough of my soap box.

As I sat down at the dinner table pondering the events of Exodus, a thought came into my head.  I often wondered why the children of Israel had to suffer the same plagues as the Egyptians, up until a certain point then God spared them from the rest of the plagues.  I used to think it was cruel since they were His children.  Hang with me here…this is serious food for thought.

He had to “break” their allegiance, so to speak, with Egypt.

Think about it. They had been slaves for 400 years. The generation that lived there knew no other way of life. It was home, albeit not pleasant.

God did that to me when we were fixing to lose our home to a short sale.  At that point in our lives, we weren’t sure if it was going to be a foreclosure or short sale but God in His mercy granted us the sale.  But the year before that, the house that I loved began to crumble before my eyes.  The grass was eaten by weird caterpillars.  My favorite Bradford Pear tree was snapped in half by a strong wind.  I ruined the pampas grass by setting the dead part on fire and it got out of control (a story for another day). Ants and bees were taking over the yard.  My flower bushes were dying.

By the time we moved, I was done and over that place.

I think that’s what God was doing to the Israelites.  They had nothing to keep them there.  No love lost by the time they left.  Of course, once they had been in the wilderness for a while eating the same thing day in and day out, they began to complain and want to go back.  God, in His sovereignty, knew what was best.  It’s all for a greater purpose, as is the trials in our lives as well.  Our God is awesome!

Anyway, hope I gave you something to think about.  Just a thought…




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