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This morning, I got up an hour earlier than normal (according to my body).  According to my clock, it was an hour later. It will take me the rest of the week to re-shift the time I’ve been used to for the past 6 months.

You know what I don’t get?  Why does mankind feel like he needs to “fix” what God has already created?  The summertime extends daylight hours without our assistance.  God took care of that by Himself.  He really doesn’t need our help.

Whenever mankind attempts to “better” what God created, it is disastrous. We don’t need genetically engineered crops.  They are making people sick and causing all sorts of health issues.  We don’t need cloned animals.

If we took care of the land the way God designed it, we wouldn’t have super bugs.  The conventional farmers who plant the same crops day in and day out, year after year, have issues with a super infestation for that particular crop.  It also depletes the soil of vital nutrients. (source:  “Fresh”;

Rotate crops in and out for 6 years, give the land a rest for the 7th. God knows what He’s talking about.  He created it and even had it written down in His book for us to go by.  Imagine that!

The women who are constantly going for plastic surgeries and botox because of the unreal body types on magazines in the grocery store checkout lines.  The sad part of that is those pictures are airbrushed.  NOBODY looks that perfect.  God created each one of us unique.  We are not made up of entirely outer “beauty.”

I Sam 16:7 (NIV) But the LORD said to Samuel, “Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The LORD does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.”

If what is in our heart is the only thing that matters to almighty God, why should we worry and fret over the exterior?  I’m not saying not to take a shower or put on make up if you want to perk up your droopy eyes.  We shouldn’t obsess to the point that we are having surgeons play God with our face and body.   If we eat whole, healthy, natural foods and avoid the processed stuff, we will be healthy.  As long as I walk on planet earth, I want to be healthy.  I know once I get into Heaven, I will have a perfect, glorified body. I can guarantee you there we will not be worried about who has the longest, shiniest hair.  We will all be focused on Christ.  He is all that matters anyway.

My sister recently went on a missions trip to the Philippines. She said there were billboards all over advertising “American Eyes” compliments of the nearest plastic surgeon.  How sad!

Satan has pulled us into his web of lies and people are falling hard for that one.  “Your nose is too big.”  “Your legs are too short.”  “Your eyes should be blue.”  Really???  Compared to who? 

Jesus snapped that short when one of the disciples was comparing himself to another in John 21:22 “Jesus answered, “If I want him to remain alive until I return, what is that to you? You must follow me.”   Ouch.

Focus on Christ. Take care of your body. It is the temple of the Holy Spirit, if you have accepted Him as Savior.

The apostle Paul was alive when the Olympics first began.  He took care of his physical body so he could continue the work he was commissioned to do.

I Cor. 9:24-27 (NET) “Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one receives the prize? So run that you may obtain it. Every athlete exercises self-control in all things. They do it to receive a perishable wreath, but we an imperishable. So I do not run aimlessly; I do not box as one beating the air. But I discipline my body and keep it under control, lest after preaching to others I myself should be disqualified.

All that God created is good. How many times during the creation account in Genesis does it say, “And God saw that it was good?”  7 times.  Seven is the number of perfection/completion.   And there you have it.

We’ve made a mess of things as it is.  Scientists/Frankensteins need to leave what God created alone.


Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride

January 5, 2012 – – I can’t seem to get out of this mental funk.  I think maybe it is seasonal.  We live in this “Mr Toad’s Wild Ride” from October through December with all of the holidays and mass marketing and stress and then BOOM!  It’s over and back to “Life As We Know It.”   I prayed about that on the way home today.  I need to get out of this slump.  When I get this way, I tend to make poor choices and temptation is pushing for me to upgrade my phone.  I don’t need the iPhone 4s.  I have the iPhone 4.  I keep trying to convince myself that this would help out Daughter-in-Law because she just got a phone and broke hers and then I could give her mine.  I just don’t want an extra $200 to pay next month on my bill.  I am still debating this one.

On a side note, my dog has bad breath. It’s a basset hound thing.  When she yawns and you happen to walk into that area, it’ll just about knock you down.

I went to see the chiropractor yesterday.  The girl that did my ultrasound hit a spot on my lower left that was super tender.  My right leg keeps trying to go back to its old painful ways.  Doc told me to keep exercising/stretching it.

I did try that this morning.  Wasn’t comfy, but did it anyway. I need to get up at 6am instead of 6:30 to get to work on time. We’ll see how that works.

Tomorrow I need to have my battery checked out. My van is acting again like it doesn’t want to start. Yay…always something.

January 24, 2012 — I am home from work today. My stomach has been acting up for days but today it was the worst.  I couldn’t leave the house so here I am.  It’s better now.  I was able to eat lunch and all’s well.  I have enjoyed the quiet house today. Hallmark Man is on his way home from work and it won’t be long before the TV gets turned on and the noise begins.  At least I have a room in the house I can go where it is quiet.  We set up this room this past weekend for my step-daughter and grandkids to sleep in and I love it.  I’ve taken it over as my Bible study room.

Another random side note, I was finally able to buy size 20 pants this past week.  I got two of them.  Apparently Good’s was having a sale Sunday, buy one get one for $1.  I found out about it 30 minutes before they closed.  It would have taken me that long to get there.  I really needed some new shirts but didn’t want to pay a fortune since I am still losing weight.

And Friday night my van almost left me at the gas station so Hallmark Man chivalrously got a battery for me and put it in the van. The next item will be brake pads. They are squealing.

Last but not least, I am so thankful for the country in which I live.  We are able to get so much via media for Bible study.  I love my iPhone.  I have so many versions of the Bible on it along with Bible study material and Bible study tools.  It is so awesome!  I find that it sets my frame of mind in the morning if I study first.  If I put God in authority over my life and my day and let Him control my reactions, my day is not so stressful.  Even with all of the issues that cause wild rides, He brings me safely through.

Whiter Than Snow

Remember singing that song in church? “Whiter than snow, yes, whiter than snow. Jesus can wash me whiter than snow.”

I always wondered what that meant. I mean, after all, snow is white. How can you get whiter??  God showed me last week when we got an unusual snowfall here in the deep south.  The beautiful, large white snowflakes fell against the dark of night and left us with about 2 inches of snow on the ground.  It was gorgeous and delightful since we haven’t had a snowfall like that since 1989.

As I glanced across the yards in the light of day and saw the snow-covered lawns, it dawned on me what that song meant.  Snow blankets everything including dirt and causes it to be white and clean-looking.  That’s how Jesus’ blood covers us.  Our dirt is covered and made clean in God’s eyes because of what Jesus did for us on Calvary.

I love it that God gives us analogies in nature to understand some of His greatest truths, don’t you?

Overanalyze it?

Do you find yourself overanalyzing things?  I do.  Sometimes that’s a good thing and other times, it is just wasted energy. 

The other day as I walked out of a room and back into it, my dog wagged her tail as if I had been gone a long time. She was happy to see me.  It made me think about how God sees us.  I heard a pastor one time say that when we wake up, God is delighted to see us.  He loves us so much that He wants to spend time with us.  Some people are going to take this wrong but let me preface this by saying that the things God created gave us glimpses of His glory and I’m using this as that.  I am not saying that God is like a dog.  I am saying to open your mind and see Him as the loving God that He truly is.

No matter how bad I feel, no matter how bad I look, no matter how bad my breath is…my dog loves me.  She doesn’t care if my hair is messy or if I am wearing make-up. She doesn’t seem to notice. She wags her tail happily as I come into the room and licks my face whenever she can get to it.  I accept that love without question.  Do we accept the agape love from God that He so freely gives us as easily as we do from one of our pets?

How many of us are “hiding” in shame from God because of who we are inside?  Do you realize you cannot “hide” from God?  He knows every intimate detail of your life.  HE created it! He sees everything you do in secret.  He knows your inmost thoughts.  Yet, in spite of all of that, He loves you anyway.  It has NOTHING to do with what you have or haven’t done.  It is who HE is.  He IS love.  He cannot deny Himself. 

He loved us so much that He died a horrible death to redeem us back from sin. 

How many times have you been told “God loves you” and you blew it off?  The love that we share with another soul on this planet pales in comparison to how He feels about you and me.  If we were the only one on this planet, He would have died for us.  He loves us that much.  LET Him love you. I was born and raised in a Christian home.  But it wasn’t until I went through Henry Blackaby’s “Experiencing God” that I realized that I was not “letting” God love me.  I remember when the light bulb went off in my mind, I just cried.  I took the wall to my heart down.  It is a shame and totally about pride when you don’t think you are good enough. God hates pride.

Look at the intricate way you are put together.  Do you really think that happened by chance?  Look at creation and how it works together and has been going and keeps going every day.  The sun doesn’t move out of place.  We have just the right amount of oxygen in our atmosphere not to kill us.  Our God is an awesome God.  He is everywhere all at once. 

Have you ever sat and just studied a cat?  The way the fur grows, all of the colors, how some fur stops at a certain length, how their heads almost do a one-eighty degree turn, the sandpaper tongue…yet you will not find two exactly alike. You will never find two snowflakes alike or two leaves.  Have you ever seen a classroom full of kids draw? Nobody draws the same thing.  Each person is individually created and designed purposefully by God.  God has an amazing, indescribable, unfathomable imagination. 

Sometimes I think about all of the people since the beginning of time that have been created and wonder how He could love and want a relationship with that many people.  My finite mind cannot comprehend some of the great truths of Scripture. 

We see glimpses of God in everything on this earth.  He has given us emotions, just as He has, but only a taste.  We were not given a full dose because we cannot handle it.  One day when we are gone from earth and are living with the Lord, we’ll see everything in the spiritual realm as it truly is.  One TV commercial that comes to mind as an analogy is about an allergy medication.  The screen is not really clear.  It has a film over it.  When you take that medication, the film disappears and you see brilliant colors and everything so clearly.  Even the apostle Paul says that right now we see in a mirror dimly but one day we will see Him just as He is and we will be like Him. 

I spend a lot of time lost in thought pondering the Word and the wonder of God.  It is sometimes during those quiet moments that He gives me a glimpse of Himself.  I love it when He does that!  As a child of God, I think it is OK to overanalyze things.  God is very deep.  He said in His Word that we will find Him when we seek Him with all of our heart.  Are you seeking God today?


A few days ago, I was riding with a group on a tour bus viewing various new construction homes in our area.  Somehow the conversation turned to each person’s religious actions and beliefs.

One woman stated that she liked going to the Lutheran church because she knew exactly what was expected of her and what “she was supposed to do.”  Exactly.  Religion is about YOU doing something.  It is man-made.

Pride keeps us from accepting a free gift or help from anybody so religion was created to help us “feel better” about working toward Heaven.

What God has given us is a GIFT.  You cannot earn your way to Heaven…period. 

It amazes me when I listen to others talk about church.  Catholics have their rituals and they are comfortable doing this weekly.  Does it edify anybody?  Does it change lives for the better?  I don’t think so.  If you knew exactly what you were going to do every moment of every service, what is the point in going?

I’m not saying one “religion” is better than the other.  Far from it.  I am saying that religion is not made by God.  He gave us freedom through Jesus Christ and His death, burial and resurrection.  All we have to do is believe.  Wow…too simple?

OK.  If somebody hands you a gift, do you offer to pay for it?  No.  In order to get the gift, what do you have to do?  Receive it.  No strings attached.  It is humbling? Yes.  Do you have to knock your pride out of the way? Absolutely.

That is one of the reasons why God hates pride.  Man can do nothing without Him. 

Jesus died to set us free.  Free from the confines of man’s made up rules.  Freedom from legalism.  He’s not saying go hog-wild and do what you please.  But nowhere in the Bible does it teach us to pray to Mary.  She was human, just like you and me.   Nowhere in Scripture does it say we have to ride bicycles or live in poverty or take vows of celibacy. 

Each of us, as we are saved by believing in Jesus Christ, God’s Son, to save us from our sins, are given a gift of the Holy Spirit.  This enables us to have a discerning spirit to know what is right and what is wrong.  For some, having a glass of wine is ok. They do not take it to extremes or get drunk or become alcoholics.  Each of us are different.  But, we also shouldn’t cause others to stumble in their walk with the Lord.  We shouldn’t misrepresent Him or tarnish His name.

Our purpose on this earth is to glorify Him and to bring others to Him.  Our rewards are in Heaven.  I, for one, am looking forward to the Rapture of the saints.  Anytime I get frustrated about the world in which we live, I start singing that song, “This world is not my home….I’m just a passin’ through…my treasures are laid up…somewhere beyond the blue…the angels beckon me from Heaven’s open door…no I don’t feel at home in this world anymore.” 

There is beauty in this world but none can compare to what awaits those who have accepted Christ as Savior.  I love taking photos of nature.  It just brings me such joy to study the mind of my Creator.  I cannot wait to meet Him.  I know this:  I am going to hug Jesus for what He’s done for me.  I am in awe of Him.  He’s my best friend and I cannot imagine living without Him. 

To God be the glory, great things He has done! So loved He the world that He gave us His Son.  Thank you, Father!


I love the way the Lord speaks to me through nature.  He doesn’t audibly speak, but His message is loud and clear.  He loves me and He loves YOU.  I can have a bad day or feel down and I can go outside and He has created something beautiful and I see it for the first time and it just makes me smile every time. 

I’ll never forget the time I was mowing and I was down in a pit mentally and emotionally and could not see daylight.  I got near the fenceline and there was this neon tropical orange flower blooming.  I didn’t plant it. Somehow a seed made its way over there and grew.  I knew it was not wild purslane because that had little tiny pink flowers and they were everywhere in my yard.  This was portulaca and it was gorgeous.  My heart soared and I smiled.  Simple things like that give me joy because my Heavenly Father created them and He does an awesome job!

Look around you. The beauty of the sky. The graceful flutter of a butterfly.  All creation sings His glory.  Have you ever studied the details of a spider?  or the beautiful detail of a cat’s markings?  My Father has an awesome imagination!

My kids call me a “tree hugger” because I enjoy nature so much. What they don’t see or understand is that nature puts me in awe of the Creator Himself. I can’t wait to meet Him!

I spend countless hours in the yard, watching nature and talking to the Father.   It’s something that I do to remind myself that He is still in control and life goes on no matter what is happening in our lives.  When you are waiting on an answer from Him, what do you do?

I don’t know where He’s leading me but I do know that each day is a fresh start.  Spend time in the Word and in prayer to align your heart with His and you are off to a great start.  You will need every bit of help you can get from Him as the day progresses.  Sometimes things get tough and He can guide you through it.  We are only promised today. That is all we can count on.  Today is a gift. 

There is a popular song that asks us, “if today were your last day…”  how would you use it?  Would you spend time with family and friends?  Are you making regrets?  My dad used to tell me never do anything you’ll regret.  Live wisely. 

How can you make the most of your time while you are waiting on the Lord? 

Start each day with Him. Ask His direction in each aspect of your day. Are you doing something He would be pleased with?  How are your responses to others?  Are they short and snappy or thoughtful and considerate?

One thing that always amazes me is how Jesus treated others when He was on this earth.  Even knowing how brutally He would be tortured and then die for us, He still cared for others.  On the cross,  He made sure that His mother was taken care of when He told John, “Behold your mother.”  The thief on the cross next to Him believed and Jesus told him, “Today you will be with Me in paradise.”  

I don’t know about you, but if I have something coming up that I know is going to be painful and I’m dreading it, I am not very pleasant to be around.  I am too consumed with worry and dread. 

Waiting, worrying and wondering can cause us to be  so preoccupied that we miss the small things and the daily gifts that God sends our way to remind us that He is sovereign and in control and nothing happens without His knowledge or consent. 

Take your life one day at the time and while you’re waiting on the Lord, do what you know you should do.  Do your best and leave the results up to God.  When the time is right, you’ll have your answer but only when the time is right.  It’s not our timing but God’s providence.  His timing is always perfect.  When He’s completed a good work in you, you will be able to look back and see His hand on your life.  He may have been protecting you from something or preparing something for you.  You may need extra training before you are ready for what He has for you. 

Think about Moses and David.  Moses spent 40 years in the wilderness being “untrained” as an Egyptian Prince before he was ready to be used of God.  David spent 14 years running from King Saul before he was ready to be king.  During those times, he was heavy hearted.  Read some of his Psalms and you’ll see where he poured his heart out to God.  The Bible doesn’t share what was going through every patriarch’s mind but we did get to see the heart of David, whom was said of God, “He is a man after My own heart.”  David was honest with God.  He didn’t try to be brave when he was hurting.  God knows how we really feel and He wants a relationship with us.  How can you have a relationship when you are not completely honest? 

The time that David spent running from Saul, prepared him for warfare.  He became an expert warrior, which helped him when he finally became Israel’s king. 

What does God have planned for you or me? Only He knows.  We just have to take it one day at the time.  When you are down, look to what the Creator created.

Every morning and evening, the Canadian Geese fly past my house coming and going to their daily activities.  I love to watch them fly in the “V” formation and they chatter as they go past.  They reside at the pond near the back of our neighborhood.  In the morning, they fly out to look for food and then come back at dusk.  It just fascinates me how God created such amazing birds.  It doesn’t take much to excite me when it comes to our Heavenly Father.  He is my hope and joy in this dismal world. 

Stay focused on Him and be blessed in the Lord!


Be blessed in the Lord!

What Do You Think?

What comes to mind when you hear God’s name?  Big, scary?  I used to.  I had the Trinity neatly packaged.  God was the big scary judge.  Jesus was my friend and Savior.  The Holy Spirit was…well, the Holy Spirit.   My perception was so small.  We serve a big God who holds the universe together just by His Word.  We serve an awesome God who delights in our friendship.  Why?  Because He loves us.  I heard a message on that recently and it just touched me so deeply that this uncontainable, everlasting, omniscient, omnipresent God wants to be friends…no, rather He delights in being my friend.  Little old insignificant me.  Wow….

I’ve been a believer since I was 7.  In the last 6 years, the Father has increased my faith and grown me in ways that I would have never imagined.  What was the difference?  I had a breakdown of sorts in 2003.  We moved to a new county after living in the same area for 30 some odd years.  I just wanted so badly to be real.  I had lived a fake life for so long and it wasn’t working.  I will never forget the time and place where I told God that I had enough and I was totally His to break me, mold me, and make me into whatever He wanted.  I didn’t care what it took.  I was dead serious and He knew it.  He accepted my gift and He broke me and He’s still molding me into what He wants.  Each day I have to ask, “Ok Lord…what do you want me to be today?  What do you want me to do?  Am I where you want me?”

The Lord will seemingly pull away sometimes to see where our faith stands.  Mentally, I know He’s always there. He tells us so in His Word.  But, emotionally sometimes (which can NEVER be trusted), I feel like He’s pulled away.  My week goes wacky and I feel a void.  My heart feels heavy and I have to fight to get out of bed during those times.  The Father always is there, watching and waiting.  Our Enemy loves these times.  He will throw lies at you like darts.  This is where Scripture memorization is wonderful.  The Holy Spirit will help you filter and thwart off those attempts to confuse us and help us before we do something stupid.  

God the Father is a huge giver.  Think about it.  He gave us His one and only Son to die for us so we could become part of His family forever and ever and live with Him.  He gave us life.  He gives us the trees, sunshine, air, and nature to enjoy His splendorous works.  He has kept it going since the beginning of the time that HE created.  He placed – – PLACED – – the stars in the sky and knows each one of them by name.  He didn’t just fling them out there and hope they spread out enough.  Not one of them is missing, Scripture tells us.  He knows…KNOWS how many hairs are on your head at any given time.  If you are like me, your hair falls out quit a bit each day.  What does that tell you?  That HE CARES FOR YOU!!  and me.  Little ol’ me.  Wow…He leaves me speechless sometimes. 

Going back to the gifts…I really enjoy nature.  It shows me what a HUGE God I serve and how awesome His imagination is.  I go outside each day and watch as each creature does what it was designed to do.  I see something new each year.  I love orb weaver spiders. They are just cool to watch.  I was showing a house one day and saw one up in the corner of the house and while the prospective tenants were inside, I casually mentioned to the Lord that I wanted one.  That was a little over a week ago.  I had totally forgotten my little request until yesterday.  I was trimming my bushes and I saw a web and movement and there it was.  A nice sized orb weaver.  He didn’t forget.  He loves me so much that He answered that prayer.  But not just with that….He always gives over and above what we ask.  And I giggle like a little kid when He does (my neighbors probably think I’m wacky…I know my teens do. LOL)  But He didn’t just give me one…He gave me two.  🙂    Isn’t He wonderful??

After telling God that I want to see Him more than just “big, scary judge”, He has graciously showed me what He’s like through little acts of kindness such as that.  He cares so much that He gave me not one, but two spiders.  You’re probably thinking, “So??”  So?? It matters to me.  If it matters to me, it matters to God.  Isn’t that awesome??

God is my friend.  He’s my Father.  He’s the Creator.  He’s deep. His ways are higher than our ways and I am just beginning to get to know Him more. 

Jesus paid the ultimate price for me.  He is my friend and my Savior…my Redeemer.  I can’t wait to get to Heaven and hug Him!!

The Holy Spirit is God’s spirit, Christ’s spirit living in ME.  I have the mind of Christ.  I have the heart of Christ.  I am just amazed.  Listening to Beth Moore recently, she has expounded on the verse of 2 Tim. 1:7  “For we have not been given a spirit of fear; but of power (GOD’S POWER!!), of love (GOD’s LOVE) and of a sound mind (the mind of Christ!).”  How awesome is that???

Be blessed and have a fantastic week!


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