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I tend to watch TV with a different viewpoint than most.  Take, for instance, the hit show “Once Upon A Time.”   It is based on the fairy tale characters we grew up with as kids with a twist. The evil queen has taken away their perfect, happy ending lives and banished them to a town called “Storybrook.”  In this town, they have no clue of their past lives. The queen is the mayor and is still very well aware of who everybody used to be and spends her days wreaking havoc in everybody’s personal lives.

I started looking at it this way.  We live in “Storybrook” with the prince of the power of the air (a.k.a Satan) who has been given a limited free reign on this planet until Jesus returns to set things straight.  Of course, anything Satan does, he has to get permission from God.  It always serves a greater purpose, if God allows it to happen.

When Jesus does return, we will go to our “happily ever after” lives.  Satan and his followers will be condemned, forever, to the lake of fire, separated from God.

I can’t seem to help myself when I watch TV.  I am always comparing it to Scripture.  We have all of these “superheroes” who battle evil and win.  Where do you think they got that idea from?

Everybody wants good to win.  Movies where the bad guy wins don’t usually get good reviews. And the reviews I am speaking of don’t come from the paid movie critics. I’m talking about normal folks, like you and me.

We all want a hero.  We all want a knight-in-shining-armor to come in and save the day.  At least women do.  I’m not sure about how guys feel on this one.  🙂

I tend to do the same if I hear a secular song.  A romance song makes me think of the only One who can romance us and completely fill our soul with His boundless love and not leave us wishing for more.

Hallmark Man and I  watched the movie “Immortals” this weekend.  I was looking for spectacular action and cool effects.  The movie itself was rather boring and gory.  It seemed like they made it gory without purpose. Too much blood for my taste.   I watched the movie “300” and enjoyed it immensely. I don’t have an issue with blood itself, this one just seemed to go overboard for shock factor.

Anyway, if you haven’t seen the movie…skip this part.

Near the end when the gods (Zeus, Athena, et al) were fighting the creepy dude and his back-from-the-dead army (I didn’t pay attention as to who was really called what…sorry about that), it just blew my mind that these gods could be killed.  I mean really?? I guess whoever wrote the movie didn’t take into account what the name “Immortal” actually meant.   Helloooo…if you can kill it, it ain’t immortal! (imagine that with a southern drawl, if you will)

Who wants to serve and worship that kind of god?  I am so glad my God is alive! He is eternal, immortal,everlasting, invisible.  And as the Newsboys so eloquently put it in their latest song, “My God’s not dead, He’s surely alive!”


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