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A Little Patience

October 26, 2011 – – – I woke up this morning in intense pain.  Between my shoulder blades felt like a knife was there. I couldn’t take deep breaths without pain. I was afraid if I moved the wrong way, I’d be stuck that way.  I was about in tears, except that it would do no good to cry so I didn’t. I just prayed and prayed and prayed.  Emotionally spent and physically spent, I begged the Lord to tell me what to do.  I couldn’t make a decision. His Spirit kept telling me to go to the chiropractor.  I dropped by at 8:30 and called from the parking lot. They did the tens unit on my shoulder area and my buttock/hip area. I told the PT what was going on and she told me it was the sciatic nerve.  The chiro adjusted me, which hurt so bad I couldn’t catch my breath (I knew it would) and then he sent me back to the PT to do an ultrasound.  It is basically a machine that sends electrical pulses through the muscle like a deep tissue massage.  She hit several places that were super tender and confirmed that it was the sciatic nerve.  Doc is going to get a copy of my MRI so he can go over it with me tomorrow.  He says the nerve is acutely inflamed.  I am to keep ice on it 4 times a day.

I got to work and two of the guys had put away the shipment that came in.  So without much to do today, I stayed in my chair until I got stiff and had to move around. My other BFF Becki brought some chicken and rice dish she made for Hallmark Man.

My cousin called me and asked if she could bring me dinner. It was so sweet of her.

I ran home after work and gathered more stuff for Hallmark Man, took care of the dog, the birds and the flowers in the yard (they needed water badly), got the mail and headed to the hospital.

I visited with Hallmark Man a while by myself.  He’s doing so much better today. He doesn’t have his IV in so he can move around a bit more. They put him on real food today. He was thrilled to be able to eat again.

My cousin stopped by Poppy’s Bar-B-Que and got some chicken and brought it to the hospital. I enjoyed her company. We chatted a while and then she left.

Hallmark Man went in to get a bath/shower and freshen up while I proceeded to eat my chicken.  His sister and her boyfriend stopped by to visit.  I chatted with them until he got out of the bathroom and then I said my goodbyes and I left.  I got home around 8pm.  A wave of nausea hit me before I left the hospital.  I know it is from sheer exhaustion. The stress of the whole week plus go, go go go go go go go go all the time and in pain on top of that is wreaking havoc on me.

I do believe I will go to bed at 8:30. I need a good night’s sleep.

Didn’t make it until about 10 minutes to 9.  Oh well, close enough.

October 27, 2011…..I woke up with the “knife” sensation gone from between my shoulder blades. That was wonderful!  I fixed scrambled eggs with bacon & cheese and me and the dog ate breakfast together.

Did my Bible study this morning and then went to the chiro.  He read the results of my MRI and explained it so easily.  I have moderate to severe degeneration in the L1/S5 region and the hole where the nerves go is shrinking when the disc does.  My pain and everything is still the sciatic nerve.  Treatment (at $15 a pop doesn’t sound like much but it is when you’re living paycheck to paycheck) includes icing down, adjustments, ultrasound.  When I can get to where I can walk without wobbling or with a cane they’re going to have me start core exercises to build up the muscle in there to help my spine.

Work was BORING today.  Not much to do without Boss or being able to move around much.  I ate Hallmark Man’s leftover steak for lunch and collard greens and snacked on some pumpkin seeds—both of which were entirely too salty.

I’ve had multiple bowel movements today.  I wish my body would regulate itself.  You’d think that with the organic flax seeds I would go on a daily basis, but I typically do not.

Got home after work and shared some rotisserie chicken with the dog then made chicken salad out of it for my lunch tomorrow.

Visited Hallmark Man at the hospital and after talking to Doc, he’s going to be coming home in the early am. So I need to get to bed and get to sleep. Getting up at 5:30.  I’ve already cut my lemons for the morning and bagged some almonds for snack at work. Washing dark clothes now.

I have a wicked headache.  It’s a migraine and I have no pills for it.  Ugh.  Praying it goes away tonight.  I am going to sleep in my bed tonight.  I really hate that Sleep Number bed. It’s hard and uncomfortable.

I can feel my ankles…they are now cankles thanks to the salty stuff today. Lord help me, Jesus!



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