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What Do You Think?

What comes to mind when you hear God’s name?  Big, scary?  I used to.  I had the Trinity neatly packaged.  God was the big scary judge.  Jesus was my friend and Savior.  The Holy Spirit was…well, the Holy Spirit.   My perception was so small.  We serve a big God who holds the universe together just by His Word.  We serve an awesome God who delights in our friendship.  Why?  Because He loves us.  I heard a message on that recently and it just touched me so deeply that this uncontainable, everlasting, omniscient, omnipresent God wants to be friends…no, rather He delights in being my friend.  Little old insignificant me.  Wow….

I’ve been a believer since I was 7.  In the last 6 years, the Father has increased my faith and grown me in ways that I would have never imagined.  What was the difference?  I had a breakdown of sorts in 2003.  We moved to a new county after living in the same area for 30 some odd years.  I just wanted so badly to be real.  I had lived a fake life for so long and it wasn’t working.  I will never forget the time and place where I told God that I had enough and I was totally His to break me, mold me, and make me into whatever He wanted.  I didn’t care what it took.  I was dead serious and He knew it.  He accepted my gift and He broke me and He’s still molding me into what He wants.  Each day I have to ask, “Ok Lord…what do you want me to be today?  What do you want me to do?  Am I where you want me?”

The Lord will seemingly pull away sometimes to see where our faith stands.  Mentally, I know He’s always there. He tells us so in His Word.  But, emotionally sometimes (which can NEVER be trusted), I feel like He’s pulled away.  My week goes wacky and I feel a void.  My heart feels heavy and I have to fight to get out of bed during those times.  The Father always is there, watching and waiting.  Our Enemy loves these times.  He will throw lies at you like darts.  This is where Scripture memorization is wonderful.  The Holy Spirit will help you filter and thwart off those attempts to confuse us and help us before we do something stupid.  

God the Father is a huge giver.  Think about it.  He gave us His one and only Son to die for us so we could become part of His family forever and ever and live with Him.  He gave us life.  He gives us the trees, sunshine, air, and nature to enjoy His splendorous works.  He has kept it going since the beginning of the time that HE created.  He placed – – PLACED – – the stars in the sky and knows each one of them by name.  He didn’t just fling them out there and hope they spread out enough.  Not one of them is missing, Scripture tells us.  He knows…KNOWS how many hairs are on your head at any given time.  If you are like me, your hair falls out quit a bit each day.  What does that tell you?  That HE CARES FOR YOU!!  and me.  Little ol’ me.  Wow…He leaves me speechless sometimes. 

Going back to the gifts…I really enjoy nature.  It shows me what a HUGE God I serve and how awesome His imagination is.  I go outside each day and watch as each creature does what it was designed to do.  I see something new each year.  I love orb weaver spiders. They are just cool to watch.  I was showing a house one day and saw one up in the corner of the house and while the prospective tenants were inside, I casually mentioned to the Lord that I wanted one.  That was a little over a week ago.  I had totally forgotten my little request until yesterday.  I was trimming my bushes and I saw a web and movement and there it was.  A nice sized orb weaver.  He didn’t forget.  He loves me so much that He answered that prayer.  But not just with that….He always gives over and above what we ask.  And I giggle like a little kid when He does (my neighbors probably think I’m wacky…I know my teens do. LOL)  But He didn’t just give me one…He gave me two.  🙂    Isn’t He wonderful??

After telling God that I want to see Him more than just “big, scary judge”, He has graciously showed me what He’s like through little acts of kindness such as that.  He cares so much that He gave me not one, but two spiders.  You’re probably thinking, “So??”  So?? It matters to me.  If it matters to me, it matters to God.  Isn’t that awesome??

God is my friend.  He’s my Father.  He’s the Creator.  He’s deep. His ways are higher than our ways and I am just beginning to get to know Him more. 

Jesus paid the ultimate price for me.  He is my friend and my Savior…my Redeemer.  I can’t wait to get to Heaven and hug Him!!

The Holy Spirit is God’s spirit, Christ’s spirit living in ME.  I have the mind of Christ.  I have the heart of Christ.  I am just amazed.  Listening to Beth Moore recently, she has expounded on the verse of 2 Tim. 1:7  “For we have not been given a spirit of fear; but of power (GOD’S POWER!!), of love (GOD’s LOVE) and of a sound mind (the mind of Christ!).”  How awesome is that???

Be blessed and have a fantastic week!



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