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The Voice

And before I begin, no, I am not referring to the TV show.  🙂

Saturday morning, I woke up with a “Good Morning, Lord” and was immediately told to fast.  It had not entered my mind to do it prior to this on this particular day.  And in case you are wondering, it was not an audible Voice.  It was the Voice of the Spirit speaking to my heart.  I’m learning to listen to this Voice, even as still and small as it may be. I’m always eager to hear the Father speak to me.  Whether through His Word, a song, another believer or that inner whisper that you know can only be from Him.

I have fasted a few times in the past few months but this time was different.  I felt the Spirit leading me and I wanted to hear what God had to say to me.  I had some issues that I had been wrestling with internally and I figured that today was as good a day as any to clear my mind and focus on Him for the day and search the Word.

Issue #1:  I only lost 5 pounds last month.  Yes, it was a loss but I am still struggling with it because I still have 70 more to lose, even after losing 91. That’s a lot of weight to lose. So I am wondering:  What did I do wrong?  What do I need to change?  What have I changed in my diet that I need to revert back to the start? Is it slowing down? Lord, please say no to that last question!

I purchased the book “Foundations for Healing” by Dr. Richard Becker.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with him, he’s a Christian doctor (D.O.) who battled Hodgkins Lymphoma with holistic medicine and natural food and won.  He now has a TV show (“Your Health” with Dr Richard Becker and Cindy Becker) and tries to help as many people as he can with healing their bodies naturally, which, takes time. I’ve learned a lot watching him but I was determined Saturday to read his book.

I learned a lot reading it.  His “healing diet” is basically a “no-grain” diet.  I originally started my weight loss with no grains and had gradually incorporated them back in.  I’m not at my goal weight yet, so I need to go back to basics. I realized a couple of weeks back that I had stopped drinking as much water as before. Not because I didn’t want to drink it, but because I was so busy at work, I didn’t think about it.  That’s not a good thing. 

His book also teaches how much of the supplements to take.  How much vitamin D we need for each issue in our body or the types of antioxidants to take as well.  Lots of really good information.

I had no idea that Stevia had additives in it….IF you purchase the wrong one.  Something always steered me away from Truvia and Purevia but I didn’t know why until I saw, within the last 3 days, several resources (Dr. Becker, Dr. Mercola and Livestrong) telling of the additives in those products that are potentially dangerous for our bodies. 

So I’m going back to as much water as I can stand and eliminating the grains for a while.  Those were answers to prayer. 

Issue #2: I am trying to focus on getting pain-free as well from this sciatic nerve that has wreaked havoc in my life since last summer.  One of Dr Becker’s shows was on therapeutic healing and forcing yourself to move, even if in pain, may be counter intuitive but it is the only way to keep your body from “locking up.” 

So, I will be “moving” more and trying to strengthen parts of my body that I have lost muscle capacity due to this pain and asking for His continued help.

I did ask how long He wanted me to fast and it was only a 24 hour period but constant prayer got me through it.  That is what fasting is all about, right?  Clear the mind, the body and free yourself to focus on nothing but Him. 

I really enjoyed my day.  🙂



Fear of Pain?

I was watching Beth Moore today on Life Today.  I usually catch up on her Wednesday show via iTunes.  It’s about a 20 minute segment and I really enjoy it.

She brought up a subject that made a light bulb go off in my head.  How many times has the Lord compelled you to be healed but you won’t take the step of faith because you are afraid of the pain of the process?  That is the biggest lie of the devil.   If we are already in pain, what is there to be afraid of?  God only has our best interest at heart.

I remember for about a year, I wanted to lose weight so badly. I talked to God about it constantly. And I do mean constantly.  Every time I went to get a shower and looked in the mirror, I started dialoguing about how much I would love to be smaller.  Every time I moved, I wanted to be smaller. Everybody I watched on TV made me want to be smaller.  Shopping for clothes was non-existent because it reminded me of how much I wanted to be smaller.  Stuffing my face with junk food just caused more pain because the whole time I ate, I hated myself.

Oh sure, I was 286 lbs and I needed to be smaller.  I begged God for help. I whined about all of the things I could not physically do nor could I afford to do them. This went on for a year.  I can’t tell you the last time I was under 200 lbs, come to think of it.  But I’m sure God was getting His fill of my excuses and whining and fears.

He got my attention to nudge me in the direction of doing what I needed to be doing all along.  In August of last year, I had an acutely inflamed sciatic nerve that just about did me in. I was in pain, a lot of pain.  Every movement was excruciating.  YET, in my mind, I was SCARED of going through the healing process. Sounds ridiculous now that it is in black and white. Well, truthfully, it was ridiculous.

Once the healing began, I have never felt better in my life.  I have my full brain function back. Seriously.  I was having swiss-cheese brain farts and I just figured it was because I was getting older (I’m only 46) but, hey, any excuse’ll do…right?   I am not constantly thinking about my weight.  I can focus where I truly should be focusing…on Christ.

Yesterday marked the first week of being totally free of anti-depressants since 2000.  I prayed about that, too.  Fear of the process?  Yes, I was scared. I admitted that outright to the Lord and asked for His help daily.  Totally different from when I was running from the pain of getting healthy. This was something I truly wanted to be free from.

God can do amazing things if we let Him.  He’s not the kind of God to force His will upon us. He has given us free will.  He lovingly and patiently waits until we take the first step of faith. He will then move mountains to help us.


Yesterday, we got together with my side of the family as a “reunion” of sorts to commemorate one year since my Daddy passed away and to support my Mom.

The last time we got together like this was in February, 2011, when he died.

We went through a very painful week together at Hospice and we formed some bonds that will always remain.

Yesterday was a joyous ocassion. Daddy is in heaven.  We celebrated with a spread of food that was amazing.  We enjoyed sharing supplement tips, organic food and dieting ideas.  The men sat in the living room and the ocassional pieces that I caught from their conversation involved hunting or politics. Yawn. lol

The women, on the other hand, were having a blast.  My Aunt Pam is famous for her pranks and relished retelling the story of some poor victim who never suspected a thing.  Her daughter, Julie, was in the thick of it with her.  The men got curious because we were laughing so hard, they wanted in on our conversation.  Even after telling the event twice, I was still overflowing with laughter.  You know why?  Because it was so “unconventional.”  It was a fart prank she played on a massage guy at the mall with a can of flarp she got at the Dollar store.   We were telling stories about farting that were hysterical.  We let our “hair” down and had a blast.

I love it when you can be yourself with family and not put up pretenses.

My sister had just come back from a missions trip to the Philipines so I got to see pictures and videos she took while there.  The cultural differences were amazing.  The people were open, welcoming and very attentive.  Even having to stand at assemblies, the children at school were focused.  If that were in America, the kids would be complaining, whispering and distracted.

Another thing that amazed me was that we could go over to another country and share the gospel at schools without issue.  Over half the kids in each assembly raised their hands to accept Christ as their Savior.  Here in America, they are pushing God out of schools. Sad, sad, sad.

I really, really enjoyed spending the day with my family yesterday.  I almost didn’t want to leave.  Some days I wish I didn’t live an hour away from my Mom but every time I have to go into Savannah, I thank God that I don’t live there anymore.  I love living out in the “country.”

My Aunt Lynn gave my Mom a GPS, so maybe she’ll come visit me sometime.  🙂


I am constantly doing research on how to heal my body naturally.  I check up on supplements and I certainly don’t take one person’s word for it.  I look for more than one source, a reliable one.

I have muscle tenderness in my hips and seems like nothing I am doing is working.  I am continuing the massaging, tens unit and heat therapy but it is still aggravated.  I, of course, began to research that as well.

I may be self-diagnosing here, but I am thinking Fibromyalgia.  I was reading a site on that and so many things I have been to the doctor for (or not been) are listed there. Muscle tenderness, depression, some of my skin hurts to touch (blood pressure cuffs are killer), diarrhea and constipation on and off all my life and on and on I could go.

I was checking into milk allergies when I found this one site that was touting natural cures for symptoms.  One of the thing was stay away from caffeine. Period.  Caffeine causes inflammation.  Well, that’s good to know.  I don’t drink coffee and I quit drinking diet soft drinks and teas back in September, 2011.  BUT, what did I forget about?  Chocolate.

I have been eating 1/2 a square to 1 square of Newman’s Own organic super dark chocolate bar nightly because chocolate is supposed to be so wonderful for you.  According to this site, I will feel better in days if I stop eating it.

OK…here we go. Theory going to the test….again.   🙂

Fresh and Ready!

I got up this morning and headed out to my chiro for a little snap ‘n crack.  I was feeling so much better that I really didn’t want to go.  The only reason I went was to get on his scales.  I’ve been monitoring my weight monthly via his scales so I wanted to keep it “accurate.”

The pain in my hips is becoming a distant memory.  Yesterday, I was able to do lunges and squats.  Today, I walked up a flight of stairs…twice.  I cannot tell you the last time I was able to do that.  All because of red meat!

I had organic chicken breast yesterday, boiled in organic chicken broth, with thyme, sage and fresh rosemary.  Then I cooked some barley for the week and chopped up some fresh organic broccoli. It was very good, if I do say so myself.  🙂

Anyway, I got on the scales this morning and I’ve dropped another 10 lbs!!!  YES!!  That makes a total of 75 lbs since December 2010.  Of course, most of 2011, I spent fighting myself about actually trying to lose weight.  The 30 lbs I lost between December and February was, I guess, nerves. That was the time that Daddy was getting sicker and finally passed away in February of 2011. 

The discussion I had with my chiropractor this morning was good. He’s going to look into offering allergy tests for his patients because I’m not the only one who has mentioned the food sensitivity and how it has changed their life removing certain foods from the diet.  Cool. 

I’ve been so pumped today at work.  All I can say is Praise You, Lord!!


I Cor 10:23 states: “Everything is permissible–but not everything is beneficial. Everything is permissible–but not everything is constructive….” (NIV, 1984).

I’ve learned that the things I had been previously eating, which lead to me being a size 26 and close to 300 lbs, might have been delicious and permissible but not beneficial.

As I started whittling things away, I’ve learned about food sensitivity.  Dairy products, for instance, clogged up my nose and caused excessive snoring at night.  I could eat some mint chocolate chip ice cream, let me tell ya.

I’ve now discovered that red meat causes inflammation in my joints….yes, even organic.  I’m going to back off the red meat for two weeks and see what happens.  I am really tired of being in pain and this is the last thing that I’ve come down to. 

I noticed on days that I ate beans, the following day I did not hurt at all.

The days I ate red meat, I hurt badly.

So, as much as I love a good steak, it doesn’t love me.  Now, being a protein type body, this is going to prove to be a challenge.  I do have some spirulina to help supplement the proteins but I don’t know that it’s going to stave off the hunger.  I may invest in a good protein drink.  We’ll see. 



At one point in my life, I couldn’t wait for my teens to move out. They were eating us out of house and home. The grocery bill was always astronomical.  I kept thinking that it would be cheaper once they moved out and it was just me and Hallmark Man.  It was cheaper for a while.  We ate junk…junk…junk.  We kept feeling worse and worse and worse.

Now that we’ve changed our eating habits, I think I work just to buy organic groceries. We quit buying sodas, chips and sweets and pre-packaged meals and figured the trade-off would balance itself out.

I feel so much better. Is my health worth it?  Of course it is.

I have read more than once “pay now or pay later with your health.”  I spent at least 6 months in excruciating pain last year and realized that my health was more important than just eating anything and everything I wanted.

My thought is: you are not putting extra stuff into my food, why does it cost more than the packaged, processed crap? (add a high-pitched whine to that note)

Also to save money, I’ve cut out my fake nail trips to the salon (wasn’t really “me” anyway) and I’m letting my hair grow so no cost there on hair cuts.

I just hate being broke the day after payday. It’s a long two weeks before the next one. 🙂

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