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Got Dignity?

I have been so putting off going to get a pedicure because I was embarrassed either about my mole that I had removed or an ingrown toenail or my feet are ugly. You name it, I can think of reasons why I didn’t want my feet seen in public.

Everytime I go in to get my nails done, it was “You want pedicure?” “Uh, no thank you. Just the nails please.”

Finally, I worked up the nerve one Friday. I put on loosely fitting jeans so I could roll them up. I shaved my legs and my feet (just in case there was anything sprouting down there). I even scrubbed my feet so they wouldn’t look like a woman who didn’t own a pair of shoes a day in her life.

The water was warm and the first foot went well. I didn’t look at the woman but she seemed to randomly chat with the other woman in the salon in Vietnamese. I tried to ignore the voices in my head telling me they were talking about my ugly toes.

The second foot work began and I looked down. There on the top of my foot were black specs that she had been wiping off from my toe. I wondered if I should tell her that I wear black socks a lot and they are fuzzy. All sorts of thoughts began to race through my head. Surely she’s seen worse. I wonder if she thinks that is dirt?? I wanted to run out of there so badly but I stayed, trying to maintain some semblance of dignity.

The next day, I was sitting outside enjoying the sunshine and I pulled up one of my feet to “admire” the work that had been done and that’s when I noticed them. Three long wiry hairs growing out of my big toe. I missed them in the shower. OH MY WORD! They were talking about me! They were talking about my hairy big toe!

Well, I’m not sure I’ll darken the door of that place for a while. They’ll laugh when I come in. “There’s the woman with the hairy big toe!”

Got dignity? I don’t .


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