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Mondays are usually hectic, frantic and sometimes frazzled. Why is that?

Get this…a local store in our area got burglarized twice this morning (yes….twice before 9am…by the same person). Strange way to start the day. 

My weekend was laid back and uneventful. 

I am testing a new theory now.  I noticed my hip muscles were hurting again last week and the only thing different I did was eat some mayonnaise with salmon patties. It’s gotta be dairy. So I ate some meatloaf (made it with Ground Flax…very good!) Saturday night.  Sunday, my hips were hurting.  No big deal.

I am going to eat what I want (that’s allowable for my body type) and try physical therapy.  I am using a tens unit on my hip muscles and then I hand-massage them. The muscles underneath the skin feel bruised to touch. I have done nothing to injure them.  So, I am also using a hand-roller to “massage” them as well.  Then I put a heating pad on them for a few minutes. 

Sunday afternoon, my hips didn’t hurt. I hope that if I continue doing this, I’ll work out whatever it is that’s in there aggravating the muscle. I’ve tried everything else, including chlorella to remove toxins.

Maybe one of the supplements I am taking will help alleviate symptoms of my Thygeson’s SPK. My left eye is inflamed and is driving me bonkers.  I do have some steroid drops that will help eventually but I really would rather not use them.  I want this disease to go away completely, not just go in remission.

Sorry for my mumblings today. I am just waiting on 5pm right now.  🙂


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