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I Cor 10:23 states: “Everything is permissible–but not everything is beneficial. Everything is permissible–but not everything is constructive….” (NIV, 1984).

I’ve learned that the things I had been previously eating, which lead to me being a size 26 and close to 300 lbs, might have been delicious and permissible but not beneficial.

As I started whittling things away, I’ve learned about food sensitivity.  Dairy products, for instance, clogged up my nose and caused excessive snoring at night.  I could eat some mint chocolate chip ice cream, let me tell ya.

I’ve now discovered that red meat causes inflammation in my joints….yes, even organic.  I’m going to back off the red meat for two weeks and see what happens.  I am really tired of being in pain and this is the last thing that I’ve come down to. 

I noticed on days that I ate beans, the following day I did not hurt at all.

The days I ate red meat, I hurt badly.

So, as much as I love a good steak, it doesn’t love me.  Now, being a protein type body, this is going to prove to be a challenge.  I do have some spirulina to help supplement the proteins but I don’t know that it’s going to stave off the hunger.  I may invest in a good protein drink.  We’ll see. 



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