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Hold On Tight!

Do you ever feel like you are flying by the seat of your pants and life is just nuts and you wonder when you are going to land?  Last week was just that nuts for me.  It seemed like the longest week of my life but it was so busy!

God has just been so merciful and gracious, in spite of my blunders.  I love that about Him! 

As some of you may or may not know, we are upside down in a monstrous mortgage that we cannot pay.  We realized that we were in a sinking ship and after much prayer….and I mean MUCH prayer…to the point that  I sometimes felt like God was sighing as I repeatedly came to Him for an answer or to just lay out what was on my heart, we knew we had to give up our home.  I had so many “what ifs” going on and “how?” and all sorts of questions imaginable.  But another thing about God that I love is that He is so patient and He remembers that we are but dust and understands that as Beth Moore put it, “it is scary to be us.”  We don’t know everything like He does.  Trusting in blind faith is hard only when you aren’t sure the path you are taking is the right one. That’s the problem I was having. 

We had looked around at a few rentals and I was so discouraged by what I saw.  One day I had lunch with a friend from church and she said, “Why don’t you rent Jason’s house? He hasn’t been able to sell it for a year.”  Jason was our former youth minister who took a position in another state.  With the housing market being the way it is, his house was just sitting.  So I called him and offered what we could afford to pay monthly.  He said he hadn’t really considered renting it but it was an idea he would run by his wife.  Long story short, we came to an agreement.  It happened to be just as his current listing for sale was ending and no prospects in sight.  I believe all of this was God’s timing, for both of us.  He was paying two mortgages and we were paying a super-steep one.

This house is a little smaller than the one we were in but I love everything about it.  You know the Scripture in Psalms that says, “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart?” I know that to be so true!  Indulge me for a moment to share how He has done just that!! 

Our house that we owned faced east and west. Everytime the wind blew, we didn’t get it coming inside.  It was rare for their to be an east/west wind. It always seemed to come north/south.  It used to frustrate me so bad when I wanted the wind and fresh air to flow through the house.  But this house we are renting faces north/south. I can open my windows and get a wonderful breeze!  I know some of you are probably rolling your eyes right now. My teens would definitely do that.  But this is another thing I love about God, if it matters to me, it matters to Him! 

When Louis and I got married back in 1986, we moved to a neighborhood where we were on the main road.  Cars at all hours of the night driving by.  I didn’t want that again.  But, the house we moved into was the same.  It wasn’t bad until the last couple of years.  Boom-boom boxes from cars coming by at 10-11 o’clock at night drove me nuts.  Car lights shining in the windows because of  the way the street turned.  People tossing their trash into our yard.  I left Savannah to get away from that and here we were right back in the mess.  The rental is off the beaten path.  A single driveway leads to our house and our neighbor’s.  It is so quiet out here.  I can see the stars! No blinding lights from the neighbor’s big halogen lights!  No trains going by at all hours of the night either.  I just love it!!

 There is a chain of convenience stores in our area that I just love. They are clean and have amazing food and their chewy ice can’t be beat. Everytime I go near a Parkers, I go in it.  I have fussed about them not coming to Rincon—even sent them an email. They are everywhere else so why not there??  Well, we are now less than 5 minutes from one.  WooHoo!  While we were in the process of moving, and obviously too tired to cook, we have been eating there. The macaroni and cheese is homemade and the fried chicken is delicious!  I think I’m going to turn into a fried chicken, I’ve eaten that so much in the past week.  God is so good!

I fell in love with Effingham county mainly because of the ruralness of it.  The northern part has farms and when I drive past those, I would almost veer off the road because I was too busy enjoying God’s creation:  cows, goats, sheep, donkeys, pigs, horses…I just love it.  You know what is funny?  If we had been looking for a house to buy, I more than likely would have never considered where we are now.  But God, in His sovereignty, knew exactly what I loved and even though “this world is not my home,”  He gave us a wonderful place to live on this planet until our time on earth is done. 

Last week was moving week for us.  I rented the U-haul and about that time, my husband’s work picked up so much that he couldn’t take off.  My son was working night shift.  It was raining.  What a crazy time.  I had to be the motivating factor in getting it all done.  My husband seemed to think we could take our time and move a little at the time.  It would be OK if we lived just around the corner but it was a 25 mile round trip and gas is not cheap.  We have experienced challenges during this and it just seemed like we were overwhelmed but the Lord got us through it.  My van was wrecked  (my son’s fiance was coming to pick me up from one house to the next and not knowing where she was, ran the van over a stump and ripped off the spare and disconnected the a/c hoses from the back) and our refrigerator burned out (ice maker was smoking and kicked the breakers), thank the Lord we had another one. Inspite of all of the obstacles, bruises and soreness…we are still here, Praise God! 

I’m telling ya, life is a wild ride.  God is never boring. So hold on tight and enjoy every moment!


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