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Morning Rituals

Dogs are unbelievable in how they like rituals.  My dog knows when I am supposed to get up and if I am not up, she will tap at my door and whine until I do.  Who needs an alarm clock when you’ve got that? 

She knows when I get up, she gets a slice of cheese.  She won’t go outside until she has had her cheese.

She goes outside, does her thing and then comes in to “patiently” wait for me to cook breakfast. She knows I share my food with her and she is always ready.

I was doing my morning Bible study in the bedroom and then I decided to do it at the table while I ate.  I did that for a while and then missed being all comfy cozy in a quiet space all alone with God so one morning, as my dog was headed toward the bedroom, she turned and looked back at me.  So I said, “do you want me to come have Bible study in there with you?”  She tapped her paw on the door frame as if to say “yes.” 

So we’ve been making it a habit of doing that now.  After breakfast, I’ll say, “You ready to do Bible Study?”  and she’ll head off to the bedroom to join me on the bed. 


Once I get situated, she’ll get comfy and go on off to sleep and snore softly while I finish. I enjoy rituals with my dog.  🙂



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