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So, I went to the chiropractor yesterday. I just knew I’d be down to 186 and I could finally say I had officially lost 100 lbs. I jumped on the scales and it showed 190. My jaw hit the floor.  I was all disappointed that I hadn’t lost weight. As I was walking back down the hall, Doc says, “You are getting smaller.”  I kind of snapped back with, “Nope. Not an an ounce this month.” 

So, he asked his on-staff personal trainer to come see what was going on with my regimen. I sat down with her and we went through everything. She said I was doing it all right, just to keep going.  It will happen.  Watching it closely is like standing over the stove waiting for water to boil–it seems to take forever, then BAM! it happens.

I told her I was thinking about getting one of those balls to work on strengthening my core and they actually sold them there.  I got one of those and a stretchy band. 

This morning, I’m standing in the bathroom, thinking I was 4 lbs away from losing 100 lbs.  Then it hit me.  I was 195 last month…I DID lose 5 lbs. Duh!  I don’t do math.  I really, really suck at it. 🙂

I did use the band last night and did a little on the ball.  To be honest, I was scared the darn thing was going to pop if I sat on it. LOL I am going to do interval training with it.  I walk my dog every morning for a mile and then usually in the evenings, too, if it’s not raining.  But I can alternate every other night and work on my core muscles.

I am excited about the small changes I can feel in my body.  The once-screaming-acutely-inflamed sciatic nerve is now down to a small whisper.  I can’t feel every inch of it when I walk now, unless I pick up something heavy.  The muscles in my leg that had atrophied while I was in such pain are gradually regaining their normal strength.  I’m looking forward to the day when I can walk at a faster pace.  Of course, I don’t know if my basset hound will be so happy about that.  🙂

Can I just say one thing?  If you can walk without issue, be grateful.  You don’t realize how much you miss mobility until you lose a part of it. Don’t take anything in this life for granted. Ever.


The Voice

And before I begin, no, I am not referring to the TV show.  🙂

Saturday morning, I woke up with a “Good Morning, Lord” and was immediately told to fast.  It had not entered my mind to do it prior to this on this particular day.  And in case you are wondering, it was not an audible Voice.  It was the Voice of the Spirit speaking to my heart.  I’m learning to listen to this Voice, even as still and small as it may be. I’m always eager to hear the Father speak to me.  Whether through His Word, a song, another believer or that inner whisper that you know can only be from Him.

I have fasted a few times in the past few months but this time was different.  I felt the Spirit leading me and I wanted to hear what God had to say to me.  I had some issues that I had been wrestling with internally and I figured that today was as good a day as any to clear my mind and focus on Him for the day and search the Word.

Issue #1:  I only lost 5 pounds last month.  Yes, it was a loss but I am still struggling with it because I still have 70 more to lose, even after losing 91. That’s a lot of weight to lose. So I am wondering:  What did I do wrong?  What do I need to change?  What have I changed in my diet that I need to revert back to the start? Is it slowing down? Lord, please say no to that last question!

I purchased the book “Foundations for Healing” by Dr. Richard Becker.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with him, he’s a Christian doctor (D.O.) who battled Hodgkins Lymphoma with holistic medicine and natural food and won.  He now has a TV show (“Your Health” with Dr Richard Becker and Cindy Becker) and tries to help as many people as he can with healing their bodies naturally, which, takes time. I’ve learned a lot watching him but I was determined Saturday to read his book.

I learned a lot reading it.  His “healing diet” is basically a “no-grain” diet.  I originally started my weight loss with no grains and had gradually incorporated them back in.  I’m not at my goal weight yet, so I need to go back to basics. I realized a couple of weeks back that I had stopped drinking as much water as before. Not because I didn’t want to drink it, but because I was so busy at work, I didn’t think about it.  That’s not a good thing. 

His book also teaches how much of the supplements to take.  How much vitamin D we need for each issue in our body or the types of antioxidants to take as well.  Lots of really good information.

I had no idea that Stevia had additives in it….IF you purchase the wrong one.  Something always steered me away from Truvia and Purevia but I didn’t know why until I saw, within the last 3 days, several resources (Dr. Becker, Dr. Mercola and Livestrong) telling of the additives in those products that are potentially dangerous for our bodies. 

So I’m going back to as much water as I can stand and eliminating the grains for a while.  Those were answers to prayer. 

Issue #2: I am trying to focus on getting pain-free as well from this sciatic nerve that has wreaked havoc in my life since last summer.  One of Dr Becker’s shows was on therapeutic healing and forcing yourself to move, even if in pain, may be counter intuitive but it is the only way to keep your body from “locking up.” 

So, I will be “moving” more and trying to strengthen parts of my body that I have lost muscle capacity due to this pain and asking for His continued help.

I did ask how long He wanted me to fast and it was only a 24 hour period but constant prayer got me through it.  That is what fasting is all about, right?  Clear the mind, the body and free yourself to focus on nothing but Him. 

I really enjoyed my day.  🙂



December 8, 2011 — – Miss Girl, my spoiled rotten basset hound,  got me up at 1:30 to go to the bathroom. Yes, I know her name is weird. It’s kind of a nick-name.  I always add “Miss” or “Mister” before a dog’s name when I’m talking to them and “girl” just followed behind so fluently that it stuck.  She answers to it.  She acts like the diva/drama queen name it is so we left it.  But as for getting up at 1:30am,  I am ready for a full night’s sleep. My brain doesn’t function properly without lots of sleep.

I have gone a 2nd night without pain spasms and a 2nd day without spasms at my desk. It’s been great.  I hope it stays that way!

December 9, 2011 – – I went to WalMart after work and walked around and didn’t have any pain so I stuck around and just enjoyed walking and browsing!  It was awesome!I’ve finally gotten back into some of my size 18-20 size shirts. I’ll be glad when my butt follows suit and my HUGE arms.  🙂

December 10, 2011 – –  Another gray and gloomy weather weekend. Oh well. I’m going to color my hair today and bathe the dog (she stinks!) So after I bathed the dog, I went outside and spoke to the little miniature dachshund that lives behind us. She is so adorable.  Poor thing, she was shaking so badly. It was cold outside and she was cold.  I put some birdseed on the ground (for the deer and the mourning doves).  I saw fresh deer skat so I know they came to visit last night or early this morning, looking for food.

I trimmed the dog’s toenails and gave her some cheese and then took some pieces to the little dog behind us.  She likes cheese, too.  It breaks my heart to see her cold and crying. I wish I could warm her up. Her little toenails are so long they are curving. I think since they had a baby, the dog got tossed outside.  It is just so sad.  I prayed for her before I did my Bible study today.

It is so funny that Beth Moore spoke on yielding to others, being merciful, etc. because that was what I had talked to the Lord about earlier this week when Boss mentioned the business growing and hiring someone else to sit at the front desk and answer phones and do purchasing.  I really like being in an office full of men.  There’s no pretense, competition or jealousy going on like it typically does with women.  I can be myself and not think about it.  But He answered me with this study today.  I do need Him to heal my insecurity and my mind. I thought back just a few years ago at how immature my thought process was and each year, He’s healing it little by little.  The Lord can do amazing things if we just let Him.

December 12, 2011 – Yesterday was rough. Had a migraine that just about made me sick before I finally went to bed to get some relief.

Migraine is gone but I am still fighting the Christmas issue with food.  Boss brought in some dark chocolate peppermint bark that looked amazing. I want some Christmas cookies but I know me.  If I start eating one, I don’t think I’ll be able to stop. I am like an alcoholic but with sweets.  No can do. Not even a little bit.

I’ll be glad when Christmas is over.  The “in your face” sweets will be gone.

December 18, 2011 — A co-worker’s wife introduced me to “The Pioneer Woman” via Facebook and I didn’t quite get it. This week, she sent a book to work with him for me to read.  I started reading her (the Pioneer Woman—a.k.a. Ree Drummond) story Saturday afternoon and finished it Sunday afternoon.  Best love story I ever read.  It was real. It didn’t have a ton of sex in it.  It reminded me of why I fell in love with my husband all those years ago and I still love him.  She has a show on Food Network and Hallmark Man and I watched her Christmas special this morning.  I just don’t think I could ever love cooking that much.  The prime rib looked good, though.  🙂

I noticed today that my size 22 jeans are loose.  Yippeeeeee!

Yesterday, I added a couple of things to my stretching routine—stomach crunches and floor push-ups.  My triceps were burning!  Still having issues with the sciatic nerve but not as bad.  I just really wish that I could get out of emptying the packages/pallets when they come in.  That does not help at all.  Bending, bending, climbing, stooping, climbing and more bending.  It aggravates my thigh and sciatic nerve for days.

It’s a cold, quiet Sunday evening.  I’m loving being at home with Hallmark Man and my dog.  All of us nestled up in comfy clothes with the lit Christmas tree glowing softly nearby.  We took our coffee table to Son’s house earlier. He needed something to put his TV on in his “game room” and I needed to get that out of the living room.  It was just crowding things. Now the room is much more “spacious” looking.  The furniture isn’t all crammed together.

I want to get them some things to help decorate their house.  Their living room is so sparse and naked.  I thought about a plant but between Chewy and Griz (their new golden retriever puppy), the plant wouldn’t stand a chance. Rubbermaid containers?  Crock pot?  Mirror for the wall?  I’ll have to think on that.  🙂

My Song is Back!

November 28, 2011 – – Finally! Back at work!  I enjoy my job but I really overdid it today. Went to Kroger before work, the bank, WalMart, Tractor Supply and the post office during lunch. 15 Boxes came in so I went in the back and unloaded them.  My sciatic nerve and muscles in that area are screaming.

I got home and Hallmark Man jumped right in with me, cut up onions for the meatloaf and cleaned up the kitchen, did laundry and I thanked him for his help and he looked at me funny and said, “It’s my job.”  The Lord answers prayer!

Later,  I took ½ a muscle relaxer and ½ a pain pill.  Getting ready to go to bed.

November 29, 2011 – – – So today was really slow at work. I went to the chiropractor and got some hip strengthening exercises.  I am looking forward to getting my muscles strong again.  I got my song back! I was singing with my iPod this morning and in the shower. I love it when the Lord gives me my song back!

Daughter came over tonight and got some Christmas decorations and brought my granddog. Hallmark Man cooked chili and since it is in the 30’s tonight, it perfect for the weather.

Time flies when we get home from work. I feel like I don’t have time to do much. I guess because the TV hogs all the time. Gotta get up early tomorrow to make up for leaving early today.

November 30, 2011 – – Got up at 5:30. Did my usual but added more stretching exercises in and I still didn’t make it to work by 8.  I tried but ended up there by 8:20.  I had to stop and put mail in the box and go back to the house to get my cell phone.  So, I figured if I get up at 5:15, that’ll give me plenty of time to do what I need and get there at 8am.

Nothing unusual happened today.   I did sing a little more this morning.  Not as much as yesterday but still singing.

December 1, 2011 – – Wow…I can’t believe it is December already!  My sciatic nerve is giving me a fit.  It woke me up at one point with my thigh throbbing.  I didn’t do my stretching exercises but a few times at work I did have to stretch because my sciatic nerve was aggravating me.

So once I got home I took ½ muscle relaxer & ½ hydrocodone. Hallmark Man cooked sausage and lima beans.  He also helped me clean the inside of my windshield.

I watched Life Today’s Beth Moore segment on “Shipwrecked but not ruined.”  It is really helping me to stay focused.

I need to start doing this journal in the mornings. I can’t really focus on what I really want to put down because of TV. I have a fresher brain in the morning anyway.

December 3, 2011 — – This morning I slept in until Hallmark Man woke me up around 11am. I didn’t realize it was so late. I did my stretches and my Bible study.  Somewhere before that, I decided to do another fast.  Now that I know that I can do it, I wanted to do it.  I want to spend the day with the Lord.  Just about the time I finished my study, Hallmark Man went off to take a nap.  So, I decided to start cleaning and patching up walls and doing some touch-up paint.  I talked with the Lord while I worked and sang.  I really do enjoy this.

Hallmark Man got up and helped with vacuuming and he took the wall molly out of the wall where the a/c thermostat was and patched it up. I finished cleaning the baseboards while the oven did its own self-cleaning.  It is definitely keeping it warm in here.  I washed blankets, too.

I went outside to take out the trash and the neighbors were out there raking and burning leaves.  So, I walked over to talk a bit with them and came inside.  My sciatic nerve was screaming.  Time to take a break.

I need to still flush my body out so I am going to continue drinking my lemon water and I will eat tomorrow.  I am hungry but it was because I hadn’t drank anything in a while.  Gotta start gulping water again.  Yay.

Spaz Mode

November 19 2011 – – I got woke up this morning by Hallmark Man telling me that Chewy had a seizure and my son had to take him to the vet and that they were coming over later.  WooHoo!  Got me motivated!  I got up showered, ate breakfast (leftover bar-b-que meat) and cleaned house, cut the grass, did laundry and more.  Took a nap and found out that Wayne called and said they weren’t coming.  Well, Poo!  At least the house got clean and the lawn got done.  Thank you, Lord, for your help!  Edged the driveway and around the house and then did my video Bible study with Beth Moore.  It seems that this study on James is going to be DEEP.  Love it!

Sat down to eat roast that I had cooked and it was tough.  So disappointing!  Oh well.

I did more laundry, washed  my sheets and have been sitting on the sofa playing computer games. My sciatic nerve is now starting to give me a fit. Need go to do my stretching exercises and go to bed.

I’m so thrilled my house & lawn are clean!!

November 20, 2011 – – Got up and went toHarvey’s to get a ham and a turkey. Decided to cook this Thanksgiving.  I am tired of having the bah-humbug spirit and decided to enjoy the holiday season.  When we got home, we got the Christmas decorations down and I decorated the tree, put up the Nativity and placed the snowmen.  I can’t find my Christmas village.  I guess I’ll have to get up in the attic again and go through the stuff.  It’s gotta be here somewhere.  I put it up last year, I think. Maybe not because Chewy would have eaten it.   Don’t have to worry about him this year. Can you tell my brain is pinging?

I took a nap after lunch and then went through all of the clothes in the closet & drawers. Put all of my fat clothes in a big bag.  I threw away the shirts with holes in them.  I’ll take the good clothes to the Manna house tomorrow.

Got a migraine but no medicine to get rid of it.  I haven’t had one of those in a long time.

I am so thrilled to be able to do normal stuff without pain!  Of course, I am sore afterward but I was that way before the sciatic nerve problem kicked in.  I always tend to “over do” on the weekends. Gotta go back to work to get some rest.  🙂

November 22, 2011 – – Let’s just say that Monday was so busy and fast that I didn’t have time to even think about writing in here.  I got to work at 7am and hit the floor running. I was busy!   Dr. Hamby was shocked that I had done so much over the weekend.

Today was basically the same, got to work and really hit the floor running.  I wore shoes with a slight heel because the shoes I wore yesterday were too big.  I ended up moving files, getting ready for 2012.  Then we got in a big shipment so I spent hours unpacking boxes from a pallet.  I fought with a vendor over invoices most of the day as well.  Again, time flew by.  Loved it!

I have been taking Nature Made vitamins for a while but I switched to the non-gel kind and I have so much more energy.  It doesn’t look like I pee them out all day long.

November 23, 2011 – – – My sciatic nerve throbbed a bit last night and woke me up.  When I went to see the chiropractor, the physical therapist doing my ultrasound could feel the knot in the butt area where I spent bending over and over and over again yesterday.  I got some new stretching exercise while I was there as well.

After I left the Doc’s office, I ran into Wal-Mart and picked up a few more items for Thanksgiving.

Again hit the floor running at work.  Got quite a bit done today, breaking down boxes and getting files ready for 2012.  I know…early.  But I’d rather have them done when I’m not slammed doing other stuff.

We went to El Real to eat with my son and daughter-in-law tonight. Very good food.  I didn’t eat much before I got full.  Have a nice “to-go” box for lunch Friday!

November 24, 2011 – Thanksgiving!  Slept until 8:30.  Ended up having to run to the grocery store…forgot to get Vanilla extract, cranberry sauce and onions. My son and daughter-in-law wanted to do laundry so I needed more Tide.  Hallmark Man had to go to the bathroom (he has colitis and when it flares up, he’s miserable) so he told me he was gonna sit in the truck.  So I got through and checked out and walked out and looked and looked and the truck was gone. I couldn’t believe it.  He left me!  I know he had a problem using public bathrooms but geez.  So I started walking toward the end of the parking lot and some old creepy guy drove by and asked me if I was OK.  Yeah. I’m fine. I stopped and called my daughter-in-law  to see if they happened to be nearby but of course they weren’t.  I figured I was gonna have to walk home so I stopped, grabbed a couple of Altoids and about that time, Hallmark Man pulled up.  He had driven to a gas station to use the bathroom and came back. I told him they had one in the grocery store but he said he didn’t know.

Cooked for hours and I actually made my mother-in-law’s dressing.  Hallmark Man said it tasted like his Mom’s.  My legs hurt by the time I was done so I took a nap.  Finished up about the time my son, daughter-in-law and Chewy came in.  Took 15 minutes to scarf it down.  Now I remember why I don’t like to cook.   Cook for hours, scarf it in minutes. 🙂

My daughter came by to eat a bite and visit and she brought her dog, too.  More doggies! 🙂

November 25, 2011 —- Didn’t sleep well last night. I kept waking up thinking I had heard the dog whining. Got up and went to work for about 4 hours today. Got payroll done.  Got home, ate my leftovers from El Real and took a 3 hour nap. Ate leftover turkey.  Addressed my Christmas cards.  Now watching a movie on Lifetime with Louis.

Anybody but me feel like they have to shift into high gear through the holidays?

The Journey Continues…Day 7 begins…

September 22, 2011  – Day 7 – This morning I am still groggy from the hydrocodone. I want to crawl back in the bed and sleep.  My hip is tender but doesn’t hurt like last night.

IF I can remember today I am going to Walgreens to buy some deodorant that is aluminum free. I just feel like it is something my body can’t handle that is causing this neurological effect on my right hip/leg since the MRIs can’t see anything.

I did make it to Walgreens and got the deodorant. Still limping and uncomfortable. My inner groin muscle feels pulled. The outer hip area, if pulled or stretched, will feel like I’ve set it on fire. My outer hip area and down toward the knee tightens up, causing sharp pain and hard to walk.  For a long time, before I went to the doctor, it felt like occasionally I was stepping on a nerve when I’d walk.  The sharp pain would be in the hip area and would almost bring me to my knees.

Didn’t stand up a lot today or tonight. Took a half a hydrocodone to ease the pain so I could sleep.

September 23, 2011 – Day 8 – Slept OK. This morning around 5, woke up and was feeling pain and tightness.  I went to use the bathroom and for some reason rubbed my finger across my lower lumbar area and the same spot Dr Adjei found was back. It was almost as if the sciatic nerve was protruding.  Very tender to touch and Do NOT push on it.  So I took a muscle relaxer hoping to alleviate all of the pulling going on.  My right fingers were numb and I couldn’t seem to get them to “wake up.”

My Bible study that I am almost done with is “Living Beyond Yourself” by Beth Moore. I am on the last fruit of the Spirit, self-control. This one spoke to me today.  That is one thing I have lacked.  If I wanted to eat it, there was no filter in my brain, I just ate it. I am becoming more aware of that fruit and allowing God to flourish it in my life.

It’s now 7:10 and my muscles aren’t so “tight.”  My shoulders hurt and I am just sick of hurting.

I’m taking all of the tootsie rolls to work. The guys will enjoy them. I need to start cutting off food around 7pm. Drinking water and watching what I eat I hope and pray will help some.  Lord knows I can’t exercise. I need to start trying to stretch but I can barely reach the floor.  Walking to the end of the driveway can be excruciating.

I do have the new deodorant.  I’ll start that today as well.  I took my regimen of pills: Cymbalta, glucosamine, probiotic, multivitamin and Estroven. I may take some Aleve before I leave for work. We’ll see.

I had a hard time sitting today. Felt like my leg wanted to come out of joint.

Got home from work, took a nap since I didn’t eat a lunch (whale cheese crackers doesn’t constitute food—just fills the void).  Got up from my nap as he was eating Payday candy bars and my first instinct was to grab a 3Musketeers but I didn’t. I ate some chicken instead.   Made an apricot nectar cake for Louis and wanted desperately to lick the bowl, but I didn’t.  9:18pm and I want a piece of cake so BADLY!!!  My mouth and throat are dry and water just isn’t hitting the spot.

September 24, 2011 – Day 9—Had a rough night last night. In lots of pain.  Muscle relaxers are a joke. My right thigh, hip and lower back muscles are tight and tender.

I got up this morning determined to help Louis mow the lawn with the push mower. Pain, pain and more pain.  I had eggs for breakfast and a cup of coffee along with my regimen of glucosamine, probiotics, multivitamin, Cymbalta and since I forgot to take the Nattokinaise last night, I took it this morning.

I am determined not to eat sugar or sugar derivatives. I’m going to buy Stevia (a natural leaf sweetener from South America) to sweeten my coffee.  I am trying to use less and less creamer.  I love the French vanilla taste but I don’t need the sugar.

I did OK cutting the grass. When the leg started to tighten, I just stopped and bent over to stretch it out. It was like getting my second wind. Before, I would continue mowing until it was pinching so hard, I wanted to cry.  I took my time and stretched about every 4th row.

I ate boiled peanuts as I recouped on the sofa. That’ll be my lunch. Going to a wedding this afternoon that’s being catered with bar-b-que. Beats the Hamburger Helper that Louis was going to fix. Yuk. I am sooo tired of processed food!

Well, I gotta get ready for the wedding. Not sure what fits. I may take a hydrocodone before I go. My body is hurting.

Didn’t make it long at the wedding before we had to leave.  My leg/hip were killing me. Sitting uncomfortably, sweating and then the ride home did me in. I took a whole hydrocodone.  Getting out of the van was excruciating.  Felt like my leg was coming out of joint and the pain was unreal.  I just sat there and cried. I am so tired of hurting.

Now that I’ve been seated comfortably, I am ok. Walking around is hard. I’m going to bed and I am praying I have a good night’s sleep.

Took my Nattokinaise before going to sleep.

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