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Hump Day

I don’t know about your neck of the woods but Wednesdays are “Senior” shopping days at our local stores, offering them 10% discount on their purchases.

I usually try to avoid those days because it can be a slower shopping trip than other days. I had to run into WalMart to get some coffee for work and I was reminded of senior day as I watched a parade of people going into the door.

Two elderly men were “driving” in on the automated shopping carts.  As I got toward the coffee section, I had to stop because I was blocked by two senior men checking their cell phones.  And we thought it was only the younger generation! Ha!

The one thing I absolutely love to see in the senior community is a couple either holding hands or helping one another. It is just so sweet to see the love there.

And speaking of “love,” I’m going off on a rabbit trail here. I just don’t buy into the whole Valentines Day thing. Sure, I love my husband but we don’t feel obligated to buy something just because somebody created a holiday to sell stuff. Does anybody else really buy into that?  I guess they do, otherwise the merchandise wouldn’t be so prolific. There’s an onslaught of cookies and balloons and cards and flowers as you enter the stores. I just walk right by them.

I did enjoy my trip to the store today because I got a parking spot up close.  If I wait until after work to go, I’m at the end of the lot.  The weather is beautiful, too.  I’m on the down side of the week and hump day is almost over. 

Have a good one, ya’ll!


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