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His Eye is on the Sparrow

Remember that old hymn?  “His eye is on the sparrow, so I know He’s watching me.”

I was reminded of that this weekend when I was sitting in our spare bedroom doing my Bible study.  I kept seeing something flutter past the window.  It was extremely windy outside so I wasn’t sure if it was leaves or birds.  I began to hear faint chirping so I realized quickly that it was some sort of small bird.  I kept trying to get a peek at the bird, but no luck.

Sunday afternoon, it was beautiful, but still windy.  I was in the same room doing some stretching and I heard the chirping again.  I figured it had to be in the bushes near the window and I began to look again, praying in my heart that the Lord would let me just see the birds.  I was tickled when a short time later, I saw movement in the bush.

I finally saw it.  A tiny sparrow.  They were building a nest and not quietly, I might add.  It was amazing that I could see them.  I had a great vantage point.  I could watch without disturbing them.  They are soooo cute!

I smiled as I watched the bird chirping and fluttering around.  It had no idea I was there or even watching.  Just reminded me that God watches over us all the time. He never sleeps and even when we don’t “feel” Him, He is there.  He’s always the doting Father ever watching, ever protecting those that are His. That is what brought the smile to my face as I watched those little birds.  I felt loved and secure knowing that my Father loves me and watches over me.


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