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The Journey Continues…Day 7 begins…

September 22, 2011  – Day 7 – This morning I am still groggy from the hydrocodone. I want to crawl back in the bed and sleep.  My hip is tender but doesn’t hurt like last night.

IF I can remember today I am going to Walgreens to buy some deodorant that is aluminum free. I just feel like it is something my body can’t handle that is causing this neurological effect on my right hip/leg since the MRIs can’t see anything.

I did make it to Walgreens and got the deodorant. Still limping and uncomfortable. My inner groin muscle feels pulled. The outer hip area, if pulled or stretched, will feel like I’ve set it on fire. My outer hip area and down toward the knee tightens up, causing sharp pain and hard to walk.  For a long time, before I went to the doctor, it felt like occasionally I was stepping on a nerve when I’d walk.  The sharp pain would be in the hip area and would almost bring me to my knees.

Didn’t stand up a lot today or tonight. Took a half a hydrocodone to ease the pain so I could sleep.

September 23, 2011 – Day 8 – Slept OK. This morning around 5, woke up and was feeling pain and tightness.  I went to use the bathroom and for some reason rubbed my finger across my lower lumbar area and the same spot Dr Adjei found was back. It was almost as if the sciatic nerve was protruding.  Very tender to touch and Do NOT push on it.  So I took a muscle relaxer hoping to alleviate all of the pulling going on.  My right fingers were numb and I couldn’t seem to get them to “wake up.”

My Bible study that I am almost done with is “Living Beyond Yourself” by Beth Moore. I am on the last fruit of the Spirit, self-control. This one spoke to me today.  That is one thing I have lacked.  If I wanted to eat it, there was no filter in my brain, I just ate it. I am becoming more aware of that fruit and allowing God to flourish it in my life.

It’s now 7:10 and my muscles aren’t so “tight.”  My shoulders hurt and I am just sick of hurting.

I’m taking all of the tootsie rolls to work. The guys will enjoy them. I need to start cutting off food around 7pm. Drinking water and watching what I eat I hope and pray will help some.  Lord knows I can’t exercise. I need to start trying to stretch but I can barely reach the floor.  Walking to the end of the driveway can be excruciating.

I do have the new deodorant.  I’ll start that today as well.  I took my regimen of pills: Cymbalta, glucosamine, probiotic, multivitamin and Estroven. I may take some Aleve before I leave for work. We’ll see.

I had a hard time sitting today. Felt like my leg wanted to come out of joint.

Got home from work, took a nap since I didn’t eat a lunch (whale cheese crackers doesn’t constitute food—just fills the void).  Got up from my nap as he was eating Payday candy bars and my first instinct was to grab a 3Musketeers but I didn’t. I ate some chicken instead.   Made an apricot nectar cake for Louis and wanted desperately to lick the bowl, but I didn’t.  9:18pm and I want a piece of cake so BADLY!!!  My mouth and throat are dry and water just isn’t hitting the spot.

September 24, 2011 – Day 9—Had a rough night last night. In lots of pain.  Muscle relaxers are a joke. My right thigh, hip and lower back muscles are tight and tender.

I got up this morning determined to help Louis mow the lawn with the push mower. Pain, pain and more pain.  I had eggs for breakfast and a cup of coffee along with my regimen of glucosamine, probiotics, multivitamin, Cymbalta and since I forgot to take the Nattokinaise last night, I took it this morning.

I am determined not to eat sugar or sugar derivatives. I’m going to buy Stevia (a natural leaf sweetener from South America) to sweeten my coffee.  I am trying to use less and less creamer.  I love the French vanilla taste but I don’t need the sugar.

I did OK cutting the grass. When the leg started to tighten, I just stopped and bent over to stretch it out. It was like getting my second wind. Before, I would continue mowing until it was pinching so hard, I wanted to cry.  I took my time and stretched about every 4th row.

I ate boiled peanuts as I recouped on the sofa. That’ll be my lunch. Going to a wedding this afternoon that’s being catered with bar-b-que. Beats the Hamburger Helper that Louis was going to fix. Yuk. I am sooo tired of processed food!

Well, I gotta get ready for the wedding. Not sure what fits. I may take a hydrocodone before I go. My body is hurting.

Didn’t make it long at the wedding before we had to leave.  My leg/hip were killing me. Sitting uncomfortably, sweating and then the ride home did me in. I took a whole hydrocodone.  Getting out of the van was excruciating.  Felt like my leg was coming out of joint and the pain was unreal.  I just sat there and cried. I am so tired of hurting.

Now that I’ve been seated comfortably, I am ok. Walking around is hard. I’m going to bed and I am praying I have a good night’s sleep.

Took my Nattokinaise before going to sleep.


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