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Spaz Mode

November 19 2011 – – I got woke up this morning by Hallmark Man telling me that Chewy had a seizure and my son had to take him to the vet and that they were coming over later.  WooHoo!  Got me motivated!  I got up showered, ate breakfast (leftover bar-b-que meat) and cleaned house, cut the grass, did laundry and more.  Took a nap and found out that Wayne called and said they weren’t coming.  Well, Poo!  At least the house got clean and the lawn got done.  Thank you, Lord, for your help!  Edged the driveway and around the house and then did my video Bible study with Beth Moore.  It seems that this study on James is going to be DEEP.  Love it!

Sat down to eat roast that I had cooked and it was tough.  So disappointing!  Oh well.

I did more laundry, washed  my sheets and have been sitting on the sofa playing computer games. My sciatic nerve is now starting to give me a fit. Need go to do my stretching exercises and go to bed.

I’m so thrilled my house & lawn are clean!!

November 20, 2011 – – Got up and went toHarvey’s to get a ham and a turkey. Decided to cook this Thanksgiving.  I am tired of having the bah-humbug spirit and decided to enjoy the holiday season.  When we got home, we got the Christmas decorations down and I decorated the tree, put up the Nativity and placed the snowmen.  I can’t find my Christmas village.  I guess I’ll have to get up in the attic again and go through the stuff.  It’s gotta be here somewhere.  I put it up last year, I think. Maybe not because Chewy would have eaten it.   Don’t have to worry about him this year. Can you tell my brain is pinging?

I took a nap after lunch and then went through all of the clothes in the closet & drawers. Put all of my fat clothes in a big bag.  I threw away the shirts with holes in them.  I’ll take the good clothes to the Manna house tomorrow.

Got a migraine but no medicine to get rid of it.  I haven’t had one of those in a long time.

I am so thrilled to be able to do normal stuff without pain!  Of course, I am sore afterward but I was that way before the sciatic nerve problem kicked in.  I always tend to “over do” on the weekends. Gotta go back to work to get some rest.  🙂

November 22, 2011 – – Let’s just say that Monday was so busy and fast that I didn’t have time to even think about writing in here.  I got to work at 7am and hit the floor running. I was busy!   Dr. Hamby was shocked that I had done so much over the weekend.

Today was basically the same, got to work and really hit the floor running.  I wore shoes with a slight heel because the shoes I wore yesterday were too big.  I ended up moving files, getting ready for 2012.  Then we got in a big shipment so I spent hours unpacking boxes from a pallet.  I fought with a vendor over invoices most of the day as well.  Again, time flew by.  Loved it!

I have been taking Nature Made vitamins for a while but I switched to the non-gel kind and I have so much more energy.  It doesn’t look like I pee them out all day long.

November 23, 2011 – – – My sciatic nerve throbbed a bit last night and woke me up.  When I went to see the chiropractor, the physical therapist doing my ultrasound could feel the knot in the butt area where I spent bending over and over and over again yesterday.  I got some new stretching exercise while I was there as well.

After I left the Doc’s office, I ran into Wal-Mart and picked up a few more items for Thanksgiving.

Again hit the floor running at work.  Got quite a bit done today, breaking down boxes and getting files ready for 2012.  I know…early.  But I’d rather have them done when I’m not slammed doing other stuff.

We went to El Real to eat with my son and daughter-in-law tonight. Very good food.  I didn’t eat much before I got full.  Have a nice “to-go” box for lunch Friday!

November 24, 2011 – Thanksgiving!  Slept until 8:30.  Ended up having to run to the grocery store…forgot to get Vanilla extract, cranberry sauce and onions. My son and daughter-in-law wanted to do laundry so I needed more Tide.  Hallmark Man had to go to the bathroom (he has colitis and when it flares up, he’s miserable) so he told me he was gonna sit in the truck.  So I got through and checked out and walked out and looked and looked and the truck was gone. I couldn’t believe it.  He left me!  I know he had a problem using public bathrooms but geez.  So I started walking toward the end of the parking lot and some old creepy guy drove by and asked me if I was OK.  Yeah. I’m fine. I stopped and called my daughter-in-law  to see if they happened to be nearby but of course they weren’t.  I figured I was gonna have to walk home so I stopped, grabbed a couple of Altoids and about that time, Hallmark Man pulled up.  He had driven to a gas station to use the bathroom and came back. I told him they had one in the grocery store but he said he didn’t know.

Cooked for hours and I actually made my mother-in-law’s dressing.  Hallmark Man said it tasted like his Mom’s.  My legs hurt by the time I was done so I took a nap.  Finished up about the time my son, daughter-in-law and Chewy came in.  Took 15 minutes to scarf it down.  Now I remember why I don’t like to cook.   Cook for hours, scarf it in minutes. 🙂

My daughter came by to eat a bite and visit and she brought her dog, too.  More doggies! 🙂

November 25, 2011 —- Didn’t sleep well last night. I kept waking up thinking I had heard the dog whining. Got up and went to work for about 4 hours today. Got payroll done.  Got home, ate my leftovers from El Real and took a 3 hour nap. Ate leftover turkey.  Addressed my Christmas cards.  Now watching a movie on Lifetime with Louis.

Anybody but me feel like they have to shift into high gear through the holidays?


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