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Get a Grip

Last year at one point, I moved to the twin bed in our home because I was so obese, I was snoring, my hands were falling asleep and I was losing strength in them.

I started changing my diet after reading “The Metabolic Typing Diet” and doing a lot of research.  I’ve gone from a size 26 to a 20, so far.  I recently decided to go totally organic and I’ve added chlorella and spirulina to my diet.

Within the last few weeks, I had been having a hard time writing in the morning because my middle left hand finger was losing strength.  But as of this morning, the pain/weakness was gone!

I can now get a grip!


Cholesterol’s Down!!

October 4, 2011 – Went to have blood work done…finally. One “mental” thing I can take out of my mind. I couldn’t believe what a foul frame of mind I was about having to do this. I started thinking about Jesus and His death on the cross.  The day before He was to die, He was still loving and caring.  I don’t know how He did it. I get ticked off at any “interruption” of having to go to a doctor.  I just absolutely hate it. I apologized in prayer for my state of mind and moved on.   I got a chance to get on the scales (the only ones I am weighing on) at the Drs office and I’ve lost 15 lbs. Glory to God!  OK….my labor is not in vain. Thank You, Lord!

One thing I noticed after I got to work. I looked down at my bandage and the gauze was full of blood and some was on my arm.  Hmmm….that’s never happened before. My blood is usually thick.  Drinking water and taking Nattokinaise seems to be working. We will see when the results come in. I am curious.

I will do what I can on my heath-seeking food sources and leave the results up to God. This is for His honor and glory.

I had chicken for breakfast after I got to work. My brain was still somewhat foggy since I hadn’t had breakfast, coffee or vitamins to start my body’s food sources flowing to my brain.

I did finally make the appointment with the dermatologist to have this mole removed. One more thing off my “to do” list. Next is this hole in my incisor. That will be $210 and it wouldn’t be such a big deal but right now I am strapped making payments for other medical bills due to the MRI. I’ll be strapped until January. I hate that. It seems every year in December, we are broke. I want to be able to give gifts to my family for Christmas and not struggle to do it. I registered for $1k giveaway from Lifeway Christian stores. I could really use that for Christmas gifts and what a great tree I could make with verses and crosses, etc from there.  Ideas are flowing!

I had tuna for lunch and was hungry by 4:30.  I was so grateful to see Louis had cooked by the time I got home.  I was frustrated because the driver’s side window of my van was down and I couldn’t get it up.  He tried later but he couldn’t do it either. It’s stuck partially down. Yay.

October 5, 2011 —  Last night about 1:30, I ended up taking a half of hydrocodone to stop the pain in my groin area.

Got up and did my usual breakfast routine.  I did my Jonah study at the table while I ate and drank my coffee.  Spent time with the Lord this morning.

Tried to go get my clothes together and this sharp stabbing pain in the middle of my thigh had me hobbling painfully and finally drew me to tears.  Praying for relief and healing, I told the Lord I am so tired of hurting. I’ve spent most of my life in pain. I am so tired of hurting. It is so rare when I have days without pain anymore.

On my way to work, I called Mom to see if I could borrow Daddy’s walking cane. He had two.  Hallmark Man went and got them and brought them to work for me. It was so nice to be able to walk without that sharp stabbing pain in my thigh.

I had tuna again for lunch. It would not hurt my feelings if I never had it again. I am glad I was playing a video game on Facebook so I could focus on something besides the fishy taste and smell.

As I was doing research and reading on the internet about health, foods, etc.  Dr Mercola was touting a book called “The Metabolic Typing Diet.”  It was based on your body type and what foods work best for you.  So, I still had money left on my gift card, so I downloaded the iBook.  I just finished the 65 question, half hour test and I am what I thought I was: the protein type.

As I was walking around the house this evening, my left shoulder was burning from use and I thought about a prayer I had asked the Lord about and I chuckled. I told Hallmark Man that the Lord has a wild sense of humor.  I had prayed about my arms and wanting to work them out but couldn’t exercise nor could I afford weights or a gym membership.  Well, now that I am walking with a cane, I am working out my upper body: “TADA!”  lol   Gotta have a sense of humor, right?

I got a call from my doctor’s office today about my blood work. LDL: 187; HDL: 43 – 230 total Cholesterol. They wanted to put me on a statin drug and I told them I would not take it and I was on a homeopathic treatment (Nattokinase).  I am thrilled because the last time I had my blood work done, my cholesterol was 265.  Progress!

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