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The Journey Continues….

I kept a daily journal up to 90 days of what I went through for detox, weight loss and pain management. I won’t bore you with all of it but some of this may help someone else going through this.

September 17, 2011  Day Two

Slept OK last night.  I did take a 7 mg hydrocodone before going to bed.  My leg was still throbbing  from the incident last night.  I did have a mind-blowing headache from withdrawal of caffeine/aspartame. Took two Excedrin and drank some coffee to help that subside.  Still not crazy about drinking water.

Got up and walked for a while without hobbling.  After walking around in the yard a bit, I could feel the strain coming back.

Got a shower and we headed to Wal-Mart.  I took back the three extra cartons of diet sodas and in speaking with the lady that checks in the returns, she was having the same issues and believed it to be aspartame.  Made it through about ¾ of the way and then my hip/groin area began to burn and the strain on that pulled my upper back. By the time we began walking back to the van, it was pulling into my other hip.

I can bend over and pick up things off the floor without excruciating pain.

Had a long nap this afternoon. It’s almost 10:30 and my caffeine headache is returning.

September 18, 2011 Day Three – Today I woke up nearly pain free and began to clean the house and vacuum and weed eat around the exterior.  It is still not easy to get around. My hip muscles tend to stiffen after much use.  My mood was OK—not great.  My kids came over to celebrate my birthday and brought their dogs to play.  I had to take some Aleve due to achy feeling. I took a short nap. Later, I took the trash to the curb. Walking to the street wasn’t bad. Getting back was hard. My hip muscles began to tighten so I limped.  I got back toward the house and the neighbor’s cat stopped me to say “hello” and I bent down to pet her and that stretched them out for me to make it into the house. I had to sit down.  Took ½ hydrocodone at bedtime.

September 19, 2011 Day Four – Had a restless night. Kept waking with hip burning sensation. At least I didn’t wake up every hour to pee.  Finally, I think my body has adjusted to water.   The caffeine headache seems to have subsided but I am drinking a cup of coffee in the morning so I’m not totally miserable for a week to withdraw.  I still have this cloud hanging over me.  I am fat and miserable. I don’t care if it is my birthday.  I would like to stay home and stay in bed all day. Don’t care that it’s payday either.

My mental fog seemed to lift after lunch—a lunch of protein (chili).  My body responds better to protein.  I had yogurt for breakfast.

I did notice that I am able to walk around without hobbling…for most of the day.  I went to WalMart to get some birdseed and I didn’t walk far before my hip began to feel like it was pinching so badly, I had to stop and bend over to stretch it out.  I made it in the door, got my birdseed and left.

Hubby wanted to play Wii Bowling so I did what I could before I had to sit down.

I received my order of Nattokinaise today.  Took two this evening.

September 20, 2011 Day Five—The front part of my groin area burned all night.  It’s still burning. Not sure why.  I only got up twice to pee last night.  Ate yogurt for breakfast along with two Glucosamine, 1 probiotic, 1 multi vitamin, Estroven and Cymbalta and two Aleve.

The Estroven has really alleviated my night sweats. If the Aleve doesn’t help this throbbing burn, I may take an Excedrin since it has caffeine in it.

So I was able to walk all day without hobbling…including going into Tractor Supply to get dog food.

My mood has stabilized so I’m not down.  My brain functions better. I’m not making stupid mistakes and getting numbers mixed up. Took two more Nattokinaise this evening.  I didn’t want to take it in the morning until I am sure of what it does.  Soy usually gives me gas. It didn’t tonight.

September 21, 2011 – Day Six ––  Last night I slept all night, waking only twice. One time I woke up to use the bathroom and I ached all over as if I had the flu.  Not the first time I’ve experienced this so I didn’t panic. I just took it as part of the process.  The front area and inside area of my groin still burns and pulls when I lay down to go to sleep.

I took my daily regimen of probiotics, multi-vitamin, Estroven, Cymbalta and Glucosamine.   Cleaned the kitchen and walked around. No pain so far.

Went to Wayne’s apartment.  As I walked to his door, my right hip muscles felt like they were being pulled and pinched. Chewy jumped on me almost the whole time I was there.  He started hitting my right hip and I thought, “Hmmm…a massage.” So I kept that hip pointed toward him.  Felt pretty good, actually, since the muscles were sore. I stood the whole time I was there (about 30-45 minutes). Came home, talked on the phone with my sister Alicia for about an hour. I stood while I ate peanuts and walked around the flower bed a bit.  Baked a cake for my BFF Lori.

Didn’t realize how much I overdid it until I went to bed. I was hurting so badly, I couldn’t get comfortable.  The inside of my hip/groin area felt like it was pulling/pinching/sharp pain and my joint felt like it was going to come out. I finally got up and took a half of a hydrocodone. I found a spot to lay in that was not excruciating and went to sleep.


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